Patrick Schiller, MEd., R. Psych.

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  • Registered Psychologist
  • Suite 1106 NABI Building, 13 Mission Avenue, St. Albert, Alberta, T8N 1H6
  • Additional Locations:
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      39 Commonwealth Building, 9912-106 street
      Edmonton, T5K 1C5
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 Appointments available in Edmonton and St. Albert - During the day or in the evening   

When you come to therapy with me for the first time it is the beginning of a unique and special opportunity. My priority is to help you to feel comfortable, safe, respected and heard. I want each session to be fruitful and beneficial, and I want you to know the importance and value of the work that we will do together. Most of all I want to help you see that therapy is a wonderful step in getting help, and that together I am confident that we will reach your goals!

I believe that many of the challenges we face in life are common experiences shared by many, but often we feel alone and without support in dealing with these challenges. That is why psychotherapy is such a valuable opportunity. In therapy each person is given the time and the space to express their needs, desires, struggle and challenges and to work through these things with the caring support of a professional psychologist.

When you come to me for psychological services you will be treated with respect and dignity. I value your time and I want to collaborate with you to make the very most of the time we spend together. I encourage each of my clients to be honest and up front regarding our relationship in order to shape and direct the work we do together. You will be given support and encouragement and will have the opportunity to explore all areas of life that are important to you.

I will work with you to realize your strengths and to develop the ability to use your strengths to obtain your goals. I will offer you a new perspective when looking at challenges that arise in life, and together we will implement proven strategies to overcome them.

I offer services for individuals with a wide variety of needs which include:

  • Relationship concerns (marriage and intimate relationships, friendship, workplace, parental and family relationships).
  • Career and vocational questions including change of career, workplace tension, procrastination and self management.
  • Self-harming behaviour (suicidal thoughts or obsessive thoughts about death) and self destructive behaviours such as cutting.
  • Existential concerns (exploring the meaning of existence, the purpose of life and the inevitability of death)
  • Spiritual concerns (faith based counselling for individuals of all faith backgrounds).
  • Depression, sadness, inability to experience pleasure or happiness.
  • Grief and bereavement related to loss of a loved one or other types of loss.
  • Anxiety, social anxiety and overwhelming worry.
  • Addictions issues (media, pornography, alcohol and drug).
  • Issues related to trauma or traumatic experiences.
  • Anger issues and anger management.
  • Panic attacks. 

If the reason you are interested in getting support is not listed, please contact me to discover if I can offer support for your concern.  

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment to meet please email me at or call 780-428-9223.


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