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I am an experienced psychotherapist and hypnotherapist with a broad skill set and knowledge base. Though I work with a wide range of issues, my specialties include trauma, depression, anxiety, chronic pain management and working with major and chronic health issues such as cancer.I customize my interventions to the needs, preferences and directions of my clients to provide a comfortable, sensitive, empowering and effective experience. I work with a wide range of issues and am especially adept at working with trauma/PTSD, panic attacks, anxiety, phobias, depression and life transition issues. I facilitate powerful, measurable, client-centred results, quickly. As a seasoned therapist with a background that includes extensive experience as a psychotherapist, a mental health crisis worker and a clinical supervisor, I bring strong therapy skills, an extensive knowledge base and many years of experience to serve you.I bring a broad range of modalities to my work including Psychodynamic and Analytic therapies, Cognitive Behaviour (CBT) and Narrative Therapies, as well as many specialized techniques. My main specialty is with the potent yet safe tool of clinical hypnosis which, in combination with the above approaches, can produce excellent results.Utilizing hypnosis I also work with health-related issues such as chronic pain, cancer, chronic illness, smoking cessation, habit elimination, weight-loss, and overall healing and wellness. 
And yes, hypnosis can be done effectively online!

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