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Hi! Are you here because Dr. Google is just not cutting it anymore? Or because you're sick and tired of trying to fake it til you make it? Maybe you are ready to give therapy just one more shot, because even though you had a bad experience, you have some sort of faith or hope that you can find the right fitting person to help support you.
Please: take a moment to explore my services and unique approach to therapy.

No matter how troubling your story or situation is; there are tools and options available to you - even if you're having trouble finding them. That's where I come in. As a neutral third party whose primary goal is to support you, I help clients from a range of backgrounds navigate personal matters, relationship obstacles, and general life challenges. Let's explore your circumstances together to not only discover deeper meaning, but to find real-life ways of change. My passion is to help make therapy an enriching part of life for people - a safe place for you to explore you.
Professional experience in both the public and private mental health sectors has helped shape my practice to what it is today: a safe, realistic, and compassionate space where people like you can explore your life in a way to bring change, growth, and healing. My belief is that therapy does not always require an agenda. With this in mind, I work with individuals and couples from many different backgrounds to address a variety of personal obstacles and relationship troubles/goals.
 Your story or situation may indeed be painful, messy, or complicated. That's okay. You're not alone. Everyone deserves the opportunity to be heard. You may have tried therapy before to have been left disappointed. You may be so incredibly nervous about reaching out to someone which is why you haven't started. You may be being pushed by those around you to "get the help you need." My objective is to make therapy an enjoyable and enriching part of your life.


You may wonder; what's the real advantage of therapy anyway?
 Well, here's a brief list of potential benefits of psychotherapy
  • increased sense of self
  • development of self-awareness
  • improvement in self-esteem
  • strategies to create balance
  • establishment of boundaries
  • becoming more assertive
  • improved communication skills
  • changes in your relationships

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