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What most of us look for is RESOLUTION to the issues we are facing in life.
At RESOLUTION COUNSELING PROFESSIONALS,  we have learned to focus on making lives different in positive ways. Our goal is to understand your concerns and assist you in living a happier more satisfying life.
We are focused on putting our professional training at the services of our patients to help them grow and achieve.
We put our best foot forward to help you resolve the issues that might be negatively affecting your life. We can assist you in clarifying the issues, prioritizing them, and joining your efforts to resolve them once and for all.
We offer techniques and life management skills to overcome the issues that affect you on a daily basis and will listen without judgment to help you find your answers. 
We believe it is a honor to be allowed to travel your journey with you. It takes courage and we respect that. 
Whether you're experiencing anger, depression, anxiety, grief or loss,
Whether you are struggling with conflict in your most significant relationships, Or
Whether you are attempting to change behaviors that create problems for you,
The therapists at Resolution Counseling Professionals are here to help you uncover your ability to work through the issues and begin to lead a more rewarding and happy life.
We have nine psychotherapists - each trained in specialty areas - such as addiction, impulse control, eating disorders, trauma, infertility, relationships, parenting, play therapy with children, pre-marital counseling, christian counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy and more. 
We also offer several groups:
Emotional Eating Groups - This group runs in a series of six weeks. Each six week session covers a distinct issue and offers support and growth.
Mothers of Borderlines Group - this group is an open group that meets every other week. It's specificially designed to assist mothers of personality disordered children. The children may range in age from late teens on to adulthood.
The Fight Club For Girls - Fighting to Win in Life - This group is for adolescent and teen girls who may desire emotional support throughout their high school years. It meets biweekly and covers a variety of topics that are pertinent to high school and beyond. 
 At RCP, we are passionate about our profession.
We believe it is possible to work collaboratively toward agreed upon goals with out patients.
We believe we can establish trust by being authentic and congruent with our patients.
We believe it takes courage to grow and change and respect that in our patients.
When all is said and done, we want the lives we model to speak louder than the degrees, ranks, and titles we may have earned. 
We want our psychotherapy to be who we are, not merely what we do.

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