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Let's end "the fight"!
You keep having over and over and develop the basis for caring communication, empathy and understanding, and SAFETY! Most relationships are characterized by a fight that seems unresolvable; one that can be triggered by almost anything but seems to go nowhere. You both know you are on the edge of this fight just before it starts and yet standing on the precipice, you cant seem to help yourself from diving in.....
Is your relationship in jeopardy?
 Are you and your partner fighting all the time or simply “living like roommates”?
Has infidelity thrown your relationship into crisis?
Rich Heller has helped countless couples in your position and will help you as well.

Stop delaying. Now is the time!

Rich Heller, MSW, CPC knows relationships from the inside out. one to one or as a couple, you will rediscover safety, trust, and connection. You will rediscover how to turn inward to make sure your own emotional battery is charged and how to turn outward in order to transform your relationship so that it works for both of you. You will find the tools you need to have a more intimate and fulfilling life.
Rich Heller is a therapist, trained mediator, and coach who specializes in:
• Relationships
• Couples Work
• Affair Recovery
Rich Heller, MSW, CPC, focuses on a variety of relationship issues.
In addition to his extensive work with couples, he also helps with clients managing:
• Separation and Divorce
• Blended Families
• Family Relationship Issues
• Co-Parenting
• Family of Origin Matters
• Pre-marital counseling

Intimate relationships are only as strong as the shared vision plus the emotional bond between partners.
Starting with intuition, he utilizes and blends scientifically validated approaches to managing triggers and communication so that understanding and compassion are deepened. With understanding as the foundation, the partnership can be explored and re-established so that there is harmony in the relationship. Destructive conflict is systematically reduced and is replaced with caring communication over time.All of Rich's clients have been successful in reducing conflict, increasing empathy and understanding, and building partnerships.
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