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Did you know that conflicts among couples are rarely about the issues, but instead how they talk about the issues? It’s true. The problem isn’t the problem, but discussing it is. During more than 30 years in the counseling field, Dr. Richard Rein, Ph.D., has seen how communication difficulties have threatened otherwise happy relationships. In counseling sessions for struggling married and unwed couples he teaches new skills to improve communication, restore friendship and rebuild emotional connection.

Dr. Rein is the founder of Relationship Resources and co-founder of the Center for Integrative Counseling and Wellness. He is a licensed psychologist and marriage counseling expert. Throughout his career he has provided research driven, specialized care for couples. He focuses most of his efforts on the detection of repetitive patterns that create unresolved problems in marriages, as outlined in his book, The Divorce Prevention Handbook: A Practical Guide for Saving Marriages.

With Dr. Rein's guidance, couples relearn how to communicate in sessions, receiving feedback and guidance as they proceed. If previous conversations escalated or even stopped occurring, new ways of communicating will restore friendship and rebuild emotional connection. His approach is based on the science of communication and has been shared with hundreds of couples and taught to many other couples' therapists.

What differentiates Dr. Rein's approach from others is its emphasis on the detection of intricate subtleties that create communication setbacks. Subtleties such as some couples’ inability to filter their words in discussion; or spotting those who can’t “decelerate” a runaway conversation; or eyeing the need for two people to create a culture of trust together. This careful approach has been successful in improving and saving troubled relationships.

Many therapists do marriage counseling but very few are trained in it, and even fewer exclusively see couples in their practice. In addition to his writing about marriage counseling, Dr. Rein trained with Dr. John Gottman, the top marriage counselor and researcher in the country. Through that unique training and his own independent study, Dr. Rein has developed a refined approach that helps couples find renewed happiness and connection in their relationships.

Dr. Rein earned a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Southern Illinois University in 1985, following a B.A. with high honors in psychology from the University of Florida. Dr. Rein continued his studies and received a graduate certificate in Organizational Consulting Psychology as well as a graduate certificate in Professional Executive Coaching from the William James College in Newton, Massachusetts.

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