Robert Flewelling, Psy.D. LP

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Bob is a fully licensed psychologist in the state of Michigan.  In addition, Bob has advanced substance abuse/addiction education and training. From this foundation, he has solid understanding of the role that drugs, including prescription drugs and the brains own natural compounds, have in affecting a person's mental and emotional health.

Humanistically trained at the Michigan School of Professional Psychology, Bob's approach, with you, the client, is to address the underlying, or root issues that are unique to you, while in addition, helping you understand the roll that your brain plays in creating your conscious experience. From this foundation you can become free of the chronic stress and emotional drain of the issues that you are facing.  This creates an opportunity to move beyond coping and to explore your talents and purpose, once the stressors are resolved in your life.

Bob has developed a unique approach to meeting client needs.  This approach moves beyond the conventional session structure and is instead tailored to you, the client. This approach, which draws on a number of treatment models, creates the opportunity to first discover what is best for you, which then allows you to utilize the tools and insight gained in session.

In addition, Bob has an extensive background in understanding and developing strong, healthy relationships, in both business settings and in personal life.

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