Robert Olsen, MS, LMHC, CTT, PMP, CPLC

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  • Licensed Counselor & Certified Professional Life Coach
  • 4901 Center St, Tacoma, Washington, 98409
  • Phone: 253-355-6620
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  • Session Fees: Discounts available with fees starting at as low as $95 per session. We accept Credit Cards, Cash, Checks, PayPal, and some Insurances. Note: most insurance companies do not cover marriage, couples, or relationship counseling.
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Phone, Webcam

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$25 Off 1st Session for New Clients
15% Off by Paying for 5 Sessions in Advance

When Rob and Dori started Marriage and Family Life (and Success 4 Couples) over 26 years ago, their passion was to make lasting differences in many lives.  They’ve learned a great deal through their own 30-year marriage, and raising two children together.  With more than 2000 clients served, they are just as passionate today.  They assist marriages, couples, families, and individuals. Their most unique approach, with couples who need a deeper, more therapeutic experience, is counseling couple-to-couple.  Some couples need both counselors to facilitate their growth.

Their most popular service is Life & Couples Coaching.  This service focuses more on communication, conflict resolution, goal-focused achievement, and inter-personal relationship skill building.  Life-long goals and purposes are explored with key homework activities to support lasting change and growth. Coaching is about 10% less expensive per session than using the two-counselor team approach.  Discounts are offered based on total household income and size of family. Many clients receive a discount ranging from $10 to $40 per 60-minute session. Contact us for a quote.

Rob and Dori are Christians who understand that a client's spiritual belief and value system is vital to mental and emotional health.  As professionals, we welcome clients of other faiths and those without faith. Clients need to evaluate their own values and strengths, assess goals and behaviors that are most important, and then start building relationships and inter-personal life patterns to ensure long-term success.

Marriage and Family Life and Success 4 Couples also provides education and training services for church and business environments supporting key leadership, communication, and inter-personal skills.  We offer seminars, workshops, retreats, public speaking events, skills and strengths assessments, and overall team and organizational development services.  We have spoke during church services on many occasions focused on relationship and leadership excellence.

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