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ADHD managementEmotional DysregulationRelationship issues Cultural Identity

Are you navigating a new ADHD diagnosis and want to manage your symptoms?

Are you struggling with managing your emotional dysregulation and/or anger?

Are you having relationship issues that are centered around miscommunication?

Are you struggling to integrate your different cultural values and identities?


I am a husband and father. I have been married for 12 years to my wife and we have a wonderful daughter together. Much of my life has informed my interest in certain areas of mental health and have helped me to begin to have a better understanding of some of the issues that people can be facing and the difficulties that can cause.


The areas of specialization I have are things that I have struggled with in my own life, and that sparked my interest in learning more about it, both to help myself, but also so that other people don’t need to struggle the same way without help.

My own journey in being diagnosed with ADHD later in life has given me a unique perspective into the possible struggles my clients can face. I understand the challenges and struggles that come with an ADHD diagnosis later in life and am dedicated to helping my clients navigate through these difficulties.

As a Metis non-Status person, myself, I’m deeply committed to serving the needs of Indigenous People. My journey to embracing and learning about Indigenous culture began in university when I was encouraged to go to an event at the Aboriginal Student Services. Because I felt very encouraged and supported, I started working there while in school. Through that experience I became familiar with many of the different cultural nuances and the unique challenges that Indigenous People face when seeking mental health support due to Colonization, Residential Schools and intergenerational trauma. My approach to integrating conflicting cultural identity is rooted in cultural understanding and humility and a deep respect for Indigenous culture. I utilize an approach that blends Western psychotherapy practices with traditional Indigenous knowledge and practices.


As part of my Indigenous identity, I often use experiences from my life to connect back to a point I’m trying to make or a pattern I’m seeing. As an Indigenous counsellor self-disclosure is a big piece of my therapy process with clients. I am not a blank slate when I work with you and I don’t pretend to be.

I’m a compassionate and skilled counselor who uses an eclectic approach which is tailored to each individual client's specific needs to help them manage their symptoms and develop coping strategies. I believe that everyone has the capacity to change and grow, and work collaboratively with you to create a personalized treatment plan that meets your unique needs. I use a two-pronged approach in my therapy. I work with the client to find coping skills and strategies to address their immediate concerns, while also helping to get at the root of the issues or concerns so that you can have long term healing.

 Whether you are an Indigenous person seeking culturally sensitive counseling, someone struggling with emotional dysregulation or an adult who has been recently diagnosed with ADHD, I can help.


·        ADHD

·        Couples Counselling

·        Emotional Dysregulation

·        Cultural Identity Integration


·        Integrating pre and post diagnosis self-view/identity

·        Co-parenting

·        Childhood trauma/neglect

·        Setting and enforcing boundaries


·        1 hour individual sessions - $160

·        1 hour couples sessions – 210

·        1.5 hour couples sessions – 300

·        Indigenous people who have Status can be covered through the Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) program


Online. I’m available to individuals residing in Ontario and Quebec. *I do not speak French.

Webcam or phone available.

If I sound like a good fit for you, I encourage you to reach out and book a free15 minute meet and greet session with me.

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