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I am glad you have found your way here. I have had the honor of working with adults, adolescents and children for over two decades helping people to overcome anxiety, trauma, relational and emotional and behavioral regulation difficulties that have become impossible to untangle on their own. All forms of anxiety and trauma are a central focus of my practice, though many clients enter therapy with multiple areas of challenge in they or their children's lives. In the beginning of our work together I listen carefully, thinking about what may help to begin to alleviate some of the most distressing or impactful symptoms, and we will collaborate together to make a plan that moves you toward your goals. The road taken to get there looks different for everyone, but we do get there. 

Further information:

Specialized focus and training:
All forms of anxiety are a specialized area of focus in my training and experience (general anxiety (GAD), social, health/dental, performance, being alone/abandoned, work/career, and financial, specific fears), PTSD and trauma. Other struggles I have worked with extensively over the years include panic attacks, childhood fears and specific phobias, emotional overwhelm/stress, regulating emotions, chronic feelings of low self-worth/self-esteem, low mood/depression, persistent feelings of anger, difficulty navigating personal relationships, attachment/early childhood emotional wounds, and ADHD/ASD neurodivergent individuals.

Therapeutic approaches:
*Specialization in EMDR and trauma-informed approaches - adult/teen and child-specialized training
*Mindfulness-based CBT
*Somatic-body-based therapy
*Self-compassion work
*Internal Family Systems
*The Flash Technique
*Energy psychology (EFT)
*ADHD coaching

Therapy with children:
*When working with children, child-centered play and sand tray therapies are utilized alongside supportive talk-based approaches for older children including tweens and teens. Trauma-focused approaches with children and teens include EMDR and the Flash Technique when appropriate for resolving impactful life events the child has experienced. Periodic parent coaching and therapy sessions are an integral part of the treatment process as this enables parents and therapists to work together as partners to bring about the best result for their child. I have also heard from many parents that they felt more confident in their parenting and their relationship with their child improved as a result of participating in parent sessions.

The therapeutic process:
I draw from a combination of effective, evidence-based therapeutic approaches, but I believe that the therapeutic relationship is a key factor in the therapy process. I work to create a therapeutic space that is down-to-earth, fosters trust, provides resources and new ideas and strategies, is non-judgemental and offers deep insight with a fresh set of eyes.

Next Steps:

It would be a privilege to participate in a small piece of your story. I invite you to reach out for a no-cost 30-minute exploratory consultation to see if we are a good fit for your needs.

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