Ron Wyse, RP, RMFT; DD, ThM, MDiv, BA

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Ron brings to your counselling process significant cross-cultural experience, a love of learning, and life with a "challenged" (Asperger) child.  Front and centre of all counselling are the concerns and issues which have brought you to consider counselling, whether personal or relational.  The goals which you work out together with Ron  constantly guide your time together.

Cross-culturally, Ron has journeyed on a number of paths.  He's been married into the Chinese culture (with his Hong Kong born wife, Sarah) for almost thirty years.  In their early years of marriage, he and his wife were missionaries for eight years, as Ron taught initially in Hong Kong, and then for five years in Zimbabwe, Africa.  During this time his doctoral training was in yet another cultural context, South Africa.  Responsibilities at the Theological College of Zimbabwe included being the Dean of Students, a role which he thoroughly loved doing, mediating between the largely white faculty and the mostly black student body.  Returning to Canada was in itself a cultural experience, since 'living abroad' had dislocated his own cultural moorings, and--as often happens to such nomads--he is thus more sensitized to the uprootedness and varieties of cultural experience.

Ron's journey of learning has helped him sort through conflicts both inner and relational, as well as learning to live a value-driven life.  At the master level (MDiv, ThM) Ron specialized in two areas: counselling, and biblical studies.  He taught for many years at the university level in biblical studies before returning to the world of therapy.  Counselling and Wisdom (Proverbs) were the focus of his doctoral studies (DD, at the University of Pretoria).  He has also received more training in marriage and family counselling, to add to his training in psychotherapy.  Ron remains committed to the endless task of learning, blending theory with practicality.

Life is challenging enough, but having a son diagnosed initially as having Attention Deficit Disorder, a diagnosis later changed to Asperger Syndrome (a type of Autism), certainly added to the challenge of family life.  Years of learning about these conditions have helped sensitize Ron to how these can add to the regular challenges of family life.  His son did well at university, and has pursued other areas of learning following graduation.  Ron is delighted to help families navigate the cross-currents of such challenges.

During his years as parent-about-the-house Ron managed to complete a book on marriage, entitled Beyond Survival: Marriage and the Quest for Paradise (2005).  He was also a contributor to the Canadian bestseller Hot Apple Cider (2008). 

Ron knows the challenge of putting the complexity of relationships, and things deeply felt, into words.  That's why he constantly checks in with you about how we’re progressing towards meeting your concerns and resolving your issues.  Counselling can bring both healing and growth into our lives as we work through life's challenges.  Contact Ron to see how you can work together with him on meeting your concerns.

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