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Have you struggled to voice your own needs in relationships? Had difficulty identifying what you want? Struggled to develop a more authentic sense of self? These symptoms can often be the result of of frequent and repeated abuse in childhood. This type of frequent and repeated abuse in early life translates into chronic stress in adulthood and ultimately the diagnosis known as Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD).

Through addressing the CPTSD survival skills of codependency, dissociation, chronic busyness, and/or aggressive communication habits, I will help you translate these old behaviors into those more adapted to a happy and productive adult life. We will go back to the beginning to address the needs of your neglected inner child and move your life from surviving to thriving. A difficult childhood does not have to determine your future. It is possible to discover your own personal power and place in the world. I look forward to starting this journey with you soon. 
In addition to trauma therapy, I also do couple's therapy. Is your relationship failing to meet your needs? Are you struggling to feel that sense of connection with your partner that used to feel so strong? Are you ready to end the exhausting cycle of the same arguments that never seem to get resolved? It doesn't have to be this way. Things can be different for you.

Using an Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy approach integrated with the Gottman Method, I help couples achieve thier relationship goals. Improving communication, moving on from infidelity, and establishing greater trust and intimacy are frequent goals of the work I do together with couples. Identifying how to manage recurring arguments, feeling free to express your needs without fear, developing a pattern where both partners feel heard and understood, and learning how to dissolve resentment that keeps you both isolated are frequent outcomes of the therapy process. Please reach out and let's discuss your needs. 

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