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  • Counselling Therapist & Registered Professional Counsellor
  • 17 Dunmore Road SE, Medicine Hat, Alberta, T1A 1Z5
  • Phone: 403-529-7255
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  • Session Fees: $140 (+GST)
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Phone, Webcam

Russ Webb is a Counselling Therapist in private practice at Insight Counselling Services (  He is a:

He has been counselling individuals and couples for more than 25 years.  He has also been a teacher on faculty at Medicine Hat College for 14 years teaching counselling courses in the Addictions Counselling Program.
His clients and students say that he is a caring, compassionate person, with a sense of humour.  He cares deeply for his clients and understands the tremendous courage it takes for someone to access counselling.  Whether their reason for counselling is to get support, better their life, deal with a specific issue or improve their relationship, accessing counselling is a courageous act.  It is only courageous people who are determined to change their lives for the better.
His approach to counselling is client-directed, where a trusting relationship is formed and the motivation and direction of counselling is centered on the client.  He endeavours to give the client insight into their experience and support for the kind of change that they are seeking.  He works collaboratively within what is comfortable to the client to support the changes they want in their lives.  
Clients typically appreciate how approachable he is and how he completely accepts them for where they are at in their change journey.  He will work with them on the issues important to them.  His approach is to recognize that the client is the expert of their own experience and as much as they may seek help, they have found many successful ways of dealing with the problem.  
From a counselling theory perspective, Russ uses a variety of approaches that fit with the client and the nature of the issue.  Some of these include:
    • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) - where we change thinking and behavioral patterns to change and improve how we feel
    • Existential Therapy - where we understand the meaning of our actions and behaviours and how we desire to align our lives to become more meaningful and congruent with our core values
    • Person-Centred Therapy - where the approach is to deeply understand the full experience of the client and give them a clear sense of themselves and who their best selves are and 
    • Motivational Interviewing - which recognizes that we all have reluctance to change (even change we may want in our lives) and don't like being coerced into changing.  Motivational Interviewing focuses on how to enhance the client's motivation to change from within the client rather than any type of arm twisting
    • Gestalt Therapy - Involves understanding the client in a holistic way, emphasizing personal responsibility and focusing upon the individual's experience in the present moment
    • Family Systems Therapy - understands the individual within the context of their family of origin and that roles and dynamics within families impact the client's understanding of themselves, and the 
    • Narrative Therapy - understands that each of us has a story and an understanding of the story of our lives and so often we can feel stuck in a story we do not want to be in.  Narrative therapy is about learning how we can change our own story in ways that are self-enhancing, and positively meaningful. 
    • Couples Therapy - where working on communication, changing dynamics and increasing understanding can lead to greater connection and meaning in a relationship.
    • Solution Focused Therapy - is where counselling focuses on helping the client move to solutions that work for them in very practical ways. 

Benefits of Therapy with Russ Include:
  • A greater understanding of oneself and one's context or situation
  • Greater insight into oneself, one's family, and relationships
  • Increased self-compassion and desire to experiment with new ways of being
  • Increased couple communication and communication skills (whether in couples counselling or individual counseling.
  • A deep sense of being heard, understood and valued.
  • Overcoming depression and anxiety and learning tools for recovery
  • Understanding step-family dynamics and how to change them for the better
  • Learning effective parenting approaches
  • Understanding addiction as a brain disease for which recovery is possible

As much as he would consider himself to be a spiritual person, he does not impose his own personal faith perspective (Christian) onto others.  It's critically important to respect the client to be able to build a trusting relationship that works for them in their journey to health and healing.
Russ' counselling sessions are 75-minutes in length at a cost of $140 (+ GST).  He has a client portal (called "Jane") where clients can book their own appointment times that would work for them.  You can check it out at  Signup for free and book a free 30-minute consultation through this client portal.   
   Book an appointment:
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