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Salley Schmid, Laura Abbruzzese and Jennifer Alumbaugh are the therapists at Enrichment where we specialize in working with survivors of abuse.  Specifically psychological, emotional, spiritual, sexual and physical abuse both recent and remote.  Jennifer Alumbaugh, LMFT, Laura Abbruzzese LPC, LCDC and Salley Schmid, LMFT all have extensive training and experience in trauma focused counseling including training in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TFCBT) and / or EMDR.  We offer groups and individual, couple and family counseling to assist in the healing from abuse and trauma process.
So often clients come to counseling saying "I've lost who I am", "I can't seem to do anything right", "I must be a horrible  . . . (fill in the blank)", "I think I must be going crazy because . . . .  (fill in the blank)", and a host of other self degrading and self doubt filled statements.  People who feel they have lost their way, focus, passion, sense of self and more are often living in a psychologically abusive relationship and don't realize it until waking up one day to the sense that things just are not right.  At this, a step to get help, clarity and unstuck is taken.  Counseling commences, healing begins and a pathway is forged to reclaiming one's self.  It is not easy, it may be grueling, but noting is a grueling as living an empty life. We will help you find, reclaim and hold on to your authentic wholehearted self and to recognize when someone is weaseling their way into overtaking your sense of self so that you can prevent this from happening in the future.
We love to work with people to help them achieve and live the life they desire.  To help people ditch the chains that hold them in unhelpful behavioral, relational and emotional patterns is one of our greatest passions.  When we can support a person in digging their way out of a deep dark hole while beginning to live healthier, we call it a great day.  To help people realize and live their passions out loud and connect with others in deep and meaningful ways is the lifeblood of our work. Let us help you live your life out loud, authentically. 
If staying focused and engaged in a talk only process is a challenge for you, we love to use creative methods to engage the senses and to provide a visual representation of the "talk work" done in counseling. If it is a good fit for your needs, we will involve you in visual processes, creative journaling, art, creative writing, music, deconstructing lyrics and prose, EMDR, Mindfulness and Meditation.  We make use of metaphor and movement as well as hands on manipulative materials.  We get into fun fidgety things that keep your hands busy so your ears and brain can stay focused and engaged.  Making use of color and texture, movement and stillness can be powerful ways to gain and maintain engagement as well. While we want you to bring your agenda for your life into the counseling process, we will also suggest areas that we think are important to focus on or explore.  Be open to challenge as well.  We will ask the tough questions and give you home work to carry the benefit of counseling into your life outside of the counseling room.
In addition, Salley is trained in the Daring Way (the research of Bren'e Brown, author of Daring Greatly and Rising Strong to name a few) and is a Certified Daring Way Facilitator.  For more information visit .  Salley would love to help you dare greatly and rise strong through difficult life circumstances.  You are good enough and you deserve self-care.  I hope you will give Salley a call or email if you desire to do this kind of work.  
Laura is EMDR trained in addition to being a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor. She is working on a certification in Mindfulness and Psychotherapy and incorporates mindfulness into the process of helping clients determine what is most important to them so they can begin taking action in the direction of a values-driven life.
Jennifer offers extensive services for survivors of Psychological abuse including a healing circle. 

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