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Salt Lake City Comprehensive Treatment Center (CTC) is the leading outpatient addiction treatment center in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our therapies are designed to assist adults age 18 and older of all genders. We provide medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for people who are struggling with opioid addiction. Opioids include prescription pain medications and illegal substances such as heroin.
Our Salt Lake City CTC offers MAT because it is a thoroughly researched, effective program for opioid addiction. MAT has been studied for decades and has a documented history of providing effective treatment. Renowned health organizations such as the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and the National Institutes of Health recommend MAT. Alleviating the uncomfortable and sometimes severe symptoms of opioid withdrawal helps patients stay focused on recovery. MAT also helps save lives by preventing relapse, and it keeps patients safe and comfortable as they work on the emotional, social, and mental components of recovery.
Traditionally, MAT included only methadone. Methadone does decrease the severity of withdrawal symptoms, including intense cravings, for most people. However, it is not effective for every patient. Our CTC is authorized to prescribe buprenorphine, Suboxone, and methadone. Offering multiple medications allows us to provide each patient at our treatment center with the most effective option.
Before deciding which medication and dosage is best, the professionals at Salt Lake City CTC give every incoming patient a complete assessment. Patients may be asked to undergo simple diagnostic tests, including drug testing, so that our team can best understand their needs. Every person’s journey toward recovery is unique, and every patient deserves personalized, compassionate treatment.
Individual and group counseling sessions are a critical part of our MAT program. In counseling, patients can share their experiences and learn healthier ways to cope with life’s challenges. In individual counseling, patients can feel free to discuss traumas or experiences that may have contributed to drug use. Our mental health counselor will provide objective feedback and offer suggestions for how to change negative thought patterns into positive ones. Meeting with peers in group therapy allows patients to start building a recovery network through which they can find ongoing support outside of the treatment center.
Our team takes pride in creating a welcoming environment where patients are treated with dignity. We understand that seeking MAT services is a big step. We are committed to making the experience as positive as possible.

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