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  • Associate Marriage and Family Therapist 123990
  • 2525 West Washington Blvd, Unit 104, Los Angeles, California, 90018
  • Phone: 424-903-9818
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  • Session Fees: $160 per 50 minute session. I do not take insurance, however, I can provide a superbill if your insurance company has out of network policy. I also offer sliding scale if avaliable please inquire I work on a case by case basis.
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
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Are you tired of living a life that doesn't feel true? Being human is hard. We get so many messages from our families, our culture, and from social media about what is okay and what is not okay that it can sometimes feel overwhelming. You may be uncertain of what you actually feel and think. You may have a difficult time knowing how to express this to others or being able to ask for what you need. You may feel disconnected and that you are an observer in your own life. Wouldn’t it feel good to be more present and more connected to the life you are living?
Samantha can help you with:
  • Self-esteem issues and confidence building
  • Trauma that hasn't been made better by other means such as traditional talk therapy 
  • Coping with grief & life transitions 

Benefits of Therapy with Samantha:
  • improving communication with peers, family, and relationships.
  • Become a more present and regulated person that no longer lets anxiety and trauma have jurisdiction over you.
  • Learning to cope with grief while living a more functional life. 

Samantha uses these therapies to help:
  • Brainspotting: A deep processing brain based modality that helps heal trauma and allowed individuals be more regulated in life. Trainspotting locates points in the client's visual fields that help to access unprossed trauma in the limbic brain aka "animal" brain. Trauma affects the nervous system and subcortical parts of the brain and this modality accesses just talk. Unlike talk therapy that usually only accesses the frontal cortex aka "logical" brain.  
  • Narrative Therapy: Is a post modern mental health treatment that helps separate a person from their personal challenges and enable individuals to take control of their own lives. This method keeps in mind that our society's standards and the people around us have a great affect on our feelings. Narrative uses values as a compass to help client navigate through their struggles and empower them. 
  • Attachment Theory: Explores how one's care giving experiences might impact their ability to form meaningful bonds as adults. Attachment based therapy helps people who need to rebuild trust in relationships. Part of the work is working on your inner child, learning to communicate in current relationships, and community building.
  • Mindfulness: Simply put it is to be in the present moment. Many people struggle with this and are past focused, distracted, or too future focused. The therapist is always aware of the process of what's happening in the room between the client and therapist. Samantha uses somatic interventions to help bring back clients back to the present. 

  • $160 for 50 minute session. Sliding scale can be offered if it is difficult to afford. please inquire for more info it is done on a case by case basis.
  • Services are private pay only, however, superbills can be provided if your insurance company has an out of network policy. 

  • 2525 West Washington Blvd, Unit 104, Los Angeles CA 90018.

  • BA Psychology, Sonoma State University
  • MA Clinical Psychology, Antioch University Los Angeles
  • Brainspotting Phase 1 & 2 from Brainspotting Institute 

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