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Young-adults seeking to increase their earning power and opportunities must learn to tolerate uncomfortable feelings, and collaborate with others who may have differing life-experiences and values.
Emotional intelligence is about knowing what you are feeling and using that information to guide your interactions. Social intelligence is about understanding what the other person may be feeling, wanting or needing, and being able to communicate with them in a way that you both feel heard and understood.
Does your young-adult son/ daughter have the life-skills they need to succeed in the world?
A trusted Confidant and Mentor--who can authentically engage and guide them in developing the Social and Emotional Intelligence Skills they need to thrive in the world--can be one of the greatest investments a parent can make to help launch their child towards designing a life that fits their temperament, values and personal goals.

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“Sandra Dupont is an empathic and extremely effective therapist. We have worked together many times and I have seen the improvements she has made in client's lives first hand. I would recommend her wholeheartedly.” – Jared Maloff, Psy.D.
“Sandra Dupont is an exceptional therapist. Ms. Dupont is one of the best in town! I would send my own daughter to her.” – David Kuroda, LCSW
“Sandra has found a way to translate the wisdom that comes with age into a language that young people can relate to. She understands them on a deeply emotional level and has a completely unique way of relating to them. ” – Danny Kopels, CADC II
“Sandra’s commitment to guiding and mentoring young people through their difficult periods is done with grace and elegance. Helping them understand who they are as a valuable individual is where Sandra’s work shines.” – Greg Stebbins, Ed.D.

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