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  • Psychotherapist, Couple & Family Therapist, Social Worker
  • 320 March Rd Suite 604, Kanata/Ottawa, Ontario, K2K 2E2
  • Phone: 613-314-5952
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  • Session Fees: Covered by most insurance plans 170.00 per hour. Call to discuss.
  • This member is also available for online counseling.
  • Online-counseling methods: Phone, Webcam

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Sandra is a Therapist, Counsellor and Coach. She is a member in good standing with the Ontario Association of Social Workers, is a Marriage and Family Therapist (Canadian and Ontario Associations) and Approved Adoption Practitioner, Province of Ontario. Additionally, Sandra is a Psychotherapist and a Certified Coach ( Integral Coaching Canada). She is committed to helping people improve the quality of their personal, family and professional lives. She coaches and counsels individuals, couples and families. 

Sandra's approach  is to address the patterns that are draining energy and preventing you from being where you want to be personally, at work and in relationships. These patterns may reflect underlying, or root issues. These will be addressed so you can reduce the stress and pain that is holding you back. This creates an opportunity to move beyond coping and to transform. Change comes by taking small manageable steps that can make a big difference. You may feel stuck in anxiety depression or a painful relationship. I can help you find the way forward.

Sandra has developed a unique approach to meeting client needs. This approach moves beyond the traditional session structure and provides you an opportunity to engage in an active process that will move you toward transformation at whatever pace works best for you.  Sandra approaches each person with care. Her goal is for clients is to move through the coaching or counselling process in the most effective way reducing the need  for long-term, ongoing therapy.  Where is is needed Sandra provides longer  term psychotherapy that to addresses issues most important in your life.

In the area of Marriage and Family Therapy, Sandra has specialized experience that enhances her work with couples and families in the following areas:

  •  Communication challenges  and Conflict Reaolution 
  •   Rehabilitation and adjustments in ability levels (for some, disability)
  •   Acute and Chronic pain 
  •   Restoring Trust in Relationships 
  •    Infidelity & Intimacy Issues
  •    Developing Healthy Boundaries
  •     Marriage Preparation (courses, counselling and therapy)
  •      Separation & Divorce
  •      Caring for Aging Parents
  •     Pre and post adoption issues including adoption preparation
  •    Parenting in challenging circumstances (including parenting children living with ADD, ADHD, and attachment challenges).
  •    Fertility issues and decision making 

Sandra’s counselling practice includes working with individuals who are faced with a variety of issues including:

  •    Anxiety & Stress
  •     Overcoming Depression
  •      Self – Worth 
  •     Identity Issues & Re-evaluation of Purpose
                       Critical incident stress and healing from Trauma  
  •     Living with Chronic Pain, dealing with changes in function and ability   levels
  •     Career Change / Major Life Transitions
  •    Infertility

Sandra’s Coaching Practice focuses on short term active practices that provide a surprisingly transformative experience in an area identified by you. Some examples of common coaching topics fall in the following areas:


  • Career and life transitions
  • Increasing effectiveness in professional/work life
  • Enhancing experiences of joy and passion in life
  • Finding the path to travel when chronic pain and or changes in ability levels are a part of your life journey.

Sandra has been married for 38 years. She has a son and daughter.  She has personal and professional experience with international and domestic adoption and was the leader of one of the largest international adoption agencies in Canada. She has an award of merit for work in Employee Assistance and an Award of Recognition for Critical Incident Stress, peer support programs. Sandra has personal experiences that enhance her understanding of those living with and impacted by pain and disability.  She currently provides services to clients in Ottawa, Kanata and parts of Eastern Ontario. For clients elsewhere, Sandra is also an e-counsellor and provides internet or phone counselling and coaching to individuals anywhere in the world. She does travel to deliver services nationally and internationally upon request.

Contact Sandra at 613-314-5952 or To discuss your needs and how she or her associates can assist you in moving beyond where you are now toward the future you want. You can visit her website at or .



Written Works by Sandra Forbes

Choice: Reality or Illusion When Navigating the Journey of Hope in Adoption.

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