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Sandra will bring rapport, experience and training to your counseling session. She will be direct, honest and insightful. She will focus on helping you become happier and successful in achieving your goals.

Rapport. Sandra has a special ability to connect with people.

Experience. Sandra has extensive life experience. She has been married twice, once for thirty-two years and her current (and last!) marriage is in it's twenty-sixth year. She has raised several children of her own as well as those of other people. Both through her own direct experience and the experience of those close to her she has experienced and witnessed much of the joys and sorrows that life presents.

Training. Sandra has undergraduate training in psychology and behavior modification and graduate training in social work, with a strong emphasis on counseling. She continues to expand her knowledge on a yearly basis. She is qualified to work with you on many different issues. She is licensed by the State of Arizona as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Direct Approach. Sandra believes in results. She will listen with empathy and then offer feedback and advice. If you are in crisis she will provide support and encouragement. When the time is right she will challenge old patterns of behaving and thinking. She will provide assignments to help you grow. Her language will be honest, direct and understandable – no psychological jargon here. If you are willing to invest the time and effort, your sessions with Sandra will be productive and rewarding.

Goals. Sandra's focus is on helping you achieve your goals – happiness, better relationships, more control of your life.

Values. Sandra has strong personal values, but she respects your values. Counseling is about you, your needs and your goals. You are the center of the counseling process. Sandra's own personal values include respect between individuals, the right of individuals to determine what is best for them, honesty, compassion and self-reliance. She cares deeply about animals, her family and the people in the community and world about her. She will respect your goals and values unless those values involve hurting yourself or other people.

Issues. Sandra's experience and training qualify her to work with you on a variety of issues including–

  • Marriage or Couples Counseling
  • LGBT Couples
  • Anger Management
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Grief
  • Trauma
  • Sexual Issues
  • Sex Addiction
  • Transgender Issues
  • Troubled Teens

Locations. Sandra has an office in Phoenix. She has day, evening and weekend hours. All sessions are through videoconferencing. Call 602.750.8051 if you would like to make an appointment.

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