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After graduating with a master’s degree in counseling psychology from National University in Costa Mesa, CA I began my own self-discovery & transformation while studying spirituality and alternative modalities such as Reiki energy healing, meditation, and yoga to find a deeper meaning to our existence.
I dedicated 3 years of deep training with Dr. Kathy Kangarloo, Ph.D. Esoteric Studies, to learn and practice spirituality as the inner energy existing in humanity. I have studied and learned a variety of belief systems, spiritual practices, values, ethics, and other discourses we use to give life meaning.
In 2017, I was certified as a Yukt yoga teacher and a Reiki master and combined positive psychology, love-based emotional focus therapy, yoga therapy, mindfulness, breathwork, and energy healing to enhance the therapeutic experience for my clients.
In a collaborative effort, I worked with my clients toward achieving healing, happiness, contentment, wellbeing, and personal development. Together, we identify and replace thoughts and believes that no longer are serving you with a positive, loving, and compassionate mindset.
I find great joy working with teens, parents, couples, and individuals challenged with relational issues and family conflicts, life transitions, self-esteem, spirituality, and self-development. Happiness is your birthright rooted in healthy relationships.

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