Sara Roth, Ph.D., IMFT-S, LPC

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As a mental health professional, I am privileged to witness amazing changes in my clients' lives and in their relationships. Change is not always easy, but when clients are committed to the counseling process, the outcome can be magical. Many people wander through life, and are often disappointed when their life does not turn out the way they'd hoped. We will discuss your goals and make a plan to meet those goals, as it's important to identify what you want and/or who you want to become, in order to lead a happier and more balanced life.
I treat individuals, couples and families, within a systemic framework. Human beings do not live within a vacuum; relationships are often at the crux of an individual's issues. Therefore, I treat the whole person, including emotionally, mentally and in the context of their relationships.
If you are browsing these pages, you have taken the first step to making positive changes in your life. Bravo! I look forward to meeting with you.

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