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I work primarily around self-acceptance. Allowing ourselves to let go of who we were told we should be (by our parents, teachers, religion, culture) and becoming who we truly are. I will help you learning how to achieve

intimacy and breaking free of conditioning.
My experience is that this work helps to heal:
 Trauma/ PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder)
Low self-esteem
Addictions (alcohol/drugs/sex),

And allows us to become more fully Alive.
 Authenticity is I believe what it is all about. I am passionate about helping people discover who they really are, underneath all the stories and programming and conditioning. That by letting go of who we were told we were meant to be and allowing our True Selves to emerge, we discover a joy, vitality and depth of living we could not even have imagined.
 The other powerful part of the work is creating the trust and sense of safety needed for us to feel safe to be ourselves, and to fully have out emotional experience. I use Somatic (body centered) therapy along with
more traditional psycho-dynamics to facilitate a deeper level of healing.
 I work directly and powerfully. This is not for everyone; but for those who aren't just looking for
a quick fix but understand that real, deep healing takes time and work, then I will be a good fit for you.
 I do this work with individuals, couples, families and adolescents. My approach is holistic, meaning that I work with the mind, body and spirit. My experience is that by working in these three main channels of human experience, and bringing them into alignment with each other, gives us the ability to manifest much more powerfully in the world.
I have over 20 years experience helping people heal, grow and become more awake and alive.
 I often have clients tell me I'm a refreshing change from most therapist, more authentic, open and willing to engage.
I believe that some of the most powerful healing can come by working on the relationship between the therapist and client, and that the combination of working on the mind, body and spirit allows for deep and powerful healing.
 I also run groups, which I believe are wonderful places we can practice being ourselves. Groups allow for us to practice relational and intimacy skills in a safe, supportive environment, and in conjunction with
individual therapy can exponentially speed up our healing process. I prefer to work with clients individually and in group, but willing to have people come to groups if they are in therapy with another therapist or have prior experience of group work.


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