Sera Kazmi, MSW, RSW, MBA

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Office: Virtual/Online
Therapy Languages: English, Hindi, Urdu
Focus: Anxiety, OCD, Depression, Communication, Relationships and interpersonal conflict, Stress management, Emotion regulation, Attachment, Self-esteem, Identity and Trauma.

Anxiety, stress and depression continue to be a growing concern in children and adults. Often our constant thoughts give rise to feelings of worry, sadness, shame, guilt, bouts of anger, isolation and hopelessness. Sometimes our fears and overwhelming emotions make us avoid places, people and situations. If you’re finding yourself lost in your thoughts and are struggling with going to school, or work, or, are struggling to carry out day to day activities, or, if you find yourself worried about a sudden change in behaviour or mood. I am here to help.

I am a Registered Social Worker with a Masters in Social Work in Mental Health, a Master’s in Business Administration and a Diploma in Art Therapy. I am also the proud holder of The National Counsellors award in Anti-bullying practices conferred by UNICEF and the Supreme Council of United Arab Emirates. Additionally, I am certified in trauma focused approaches such as TFCBT and am trained to work with survivors of abuse, sexual assault and human trafficking. Further I am certified and trained in cognitive behavioural therapy from the Becks Institute. Apart from these I also draw heavily from approaches of narrative therapy, emotion-focused therapy, mindfulness, and motivational interviewing. My areas of expertise include: anxiety, OCD, depression, communication, relationships and interpersonal conflict, stress management, emotion regulation, attachment, self-esteem, identity and trauma.

Using a strength based, client-centred approach, I strive to provide a non-judgmental, anti-oppressive, inclusive, culturally sensitive environment that empowers my clients to find belonging, resilience, better coping mechanisms and gain control over their lives through therapy.As a therapist, I have worked extensively in Asia, the Middle East and Canada. I seek to help clients navigate these challenging times, by walking by their side through their worry, fears and overwhelmed emotions and empowering them to achieve their goals. If you’re looking for someone who will walk alongside you, coach you each step of the way, for as long as it takes, do start your journey with me.

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