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Located in Forest Knolls, California, Serenity Knolls Treatment Center is a premier drug and alcohol treatment center that serves adults age 18 and older. Our center is situated in a picturesque environment where residents can work toward healing from addiction while enjoying the tranquility that nature offers.
The programs at Serenity Knolls are designed to treat people who are struggling with addictions to substances like OxyContin and other opioids, alcohol, marijuana, methamphetamine, and cocaine. In addition to providing addiction treatment, we offer care for certain co-occurring disorders, including anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, eating disorders, and trauma-related concerns.
Our compassionate staff can support residents in meeting wellness goals through the use of evidence-based therapies, such as individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy. Our staff also incorporates aspects of the 12-Step model of recovery into treatment when appropriate. Additionally, residents have the option of participating in gender-specific group therapy sessions. Upon arriving at our facility, residents will take part in assessments in order for our team to begin creating individualized treatment plans. For some residents, detox may be the first step in their treatment process.
Our detox program is designed to help people as they work through the physical, emotional, and psychological discomforts related to withdrawal. Medications may also be prescribed as needed to alleviate withdrawal symptoms.
Our residential treatment center offers several unique programs to help support each resident’s long-term recovery, including the Foundation Program, Enrichment Launch Program, and Aftercare Program. We recognize that aftercare is a critical part of the treatment process as people continue their recovery journeys, and we are dedicated to providing support along the way.
The Foundation Program is an extended care program that clients can participate in once their time in residential treatment has come to an end. Clients in this program work closely with highly qualified staff to continue their involvement in therapeutic and group activities that can help promote long-term healing.
The Enrichment Launch Program is available to clients who have completed the Foundation Program. This program provides clients who are preparing to transition back to daily life opportunities to address barriers that may have previously prevented them from achieving their recovery goals. The therapies used in the Enrichment Launch Program include psychoeducation groups, off-site exposure therapy, and individualized experiential therapies. Clients also have the opportunity to engage with alumni as part of this program, which can provide them with additional support and encouragement.
The Aftercare Program is available to every client who completes the Foundation Program and is offered at no charge. By participating in this program, clients can benefit from maintaining an ongoing connection with a recovery community while also having the ability to attend empowering meetings where personal recovery milestones are celebrated.
We understand that addiction affects family members as well. For this reason, we offer weekend family programming and a family circle group that are designed to help families repair and strengthen their bonds with loved ones who are in recovery. While in this program, family members can receive education that may help them better understand and support their loved one.
Our team members truly care about those who come to us for help, and we strive to provide ongoing support during every stage of the recovery process.

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