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With the specific needs of senior patients in mind, the Shaker Clinic of Shaker Heights, Ohio is pleased to offer the comprehensive services that senior adults age 65 and older need to live healthier and more independent lives. This treatment center, which is conveniently located in the metropolitan area of Cleveland, offers services in several languages, including Russian, Ukrainian, French, and Hebrew, so that those who access the care available will be comfortable using their native language for the duration of their treatment.

Among the many services that can be received, the Shaker Clinic supplies mental health assessments, case management services, behavioral health counseling, medication management services, home-based care, and community-based services. Assessments and clinical evaluations are offered so that a conclusive diagnosis can be given, which can then determine the type of care a person needs to become well again. A thorough recommendation for treatment is also given once an assessment is complete, and all clients are then linked to the services they ultimately require to improve their quality of life. Case management services are also available so that Shaker Clinic staff can make sure that all clients are receiving the treatment they need. Furthermore, this invaluable service can help to identify evolving or new treatment needs and additional recommendations for care.

As a means of helping older adults process and heal from painful emotions, past experiences, or other such turmoil, the Shaker Clinic offers counseling services that are goal-oriented. During scheduled counseling sessions, men and women can learn to manage mental health disorder symptoms and speak to a qualified mental health professional who aims to assist each person in forming the confidence and skills needed to be healthier. Additionally, and because many mental health conditions cannot be successfully managed with coping skills alone, this treatment center provides medication management services with highly trained psychiatrists who can prescribe and monitor the effectiveness of any medications given.

Finally, the Shaker Clinic is excited to offer intensive home-based treatment services (IHBT) and community psychiatric supportive services (CPST). IHBT is available so that men and women receive the care they need even if they are unable to leave their homes. Shaker staff come to clients’ residences and deliver the mental health services required to let them live more independent lives. CPST affords men and women with various methods of care by linking clients to community-based professionals. By making this option for care accessible, senior adults are not restricted to just a few services. Rather, they can benefit from many programs in their area.

The Shaker Clinic is truly where men and women of older age can learn to live healthier, more satisfying lives. 

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