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About Me:
I am a licensed social worker based in Lancaster, PA.  I hold a Master's degree in education from Drexel University and a Master's of Social Work from the University of Southern California.  My role as your therapist is to provide a warm, compassionate and authentic space where you can allow your truths to hit the air and allow you to be just as you are.  Together we can work towards managing and possibly even releasing your struggles, building upon and expanding the positives that already exist in your life. Think of me as your GPS: You set your destination.  I just help you get there.   
My practice, Apricity Behavioral Health, is innovational in that all of my services are online.  I meet with clients via phone and video chat. It's convenient, discreet, and comfortable.  I am based in Lancaster County, PA but treat clients across the state and overseas. 
I can help with:·Depression
·Life Transitions

·Issues specific to military and other expat families
 What will therapy change in my life?
·Manage and possibly overcome depression and anxiety
·Skills you learn in therapy transfer to just about every area of life
·Develop a greater understanding of why people do what they do
·Learn about the brain/mind/body connection
·Stress reduction
·Improved coping skills
·Enhance your ability to figure out what’s truly important to you and what can be let go.
 Modalities I like to use and their basic premise:
·Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: Learn skills to handle painful thoughts and feelings in a way so that they have much less influence and impact. You clarify what is really important to you and then focus on creating goals to help you live in a way that honors what’s important to you.
·Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Learn the relationship between thoughts, feelings, and actions. Develop skills to decide what thoughts are truthful, which feelings are helpful and which actions improve our lives. 
·Solution Focused Therapy: In its simplest terms, it’s figuring out what is working in your life and developing a plan to get more of it.
·Motivational Interviewing: In this technique, my aim is to have a conversation about
change and commitment.  The goal is to move you from a state of ambivalence to being motivated to change behaviors

that are preventing you from living your healthiest life. It’s often used in before and in conjunction with one of the other techniques.
 What does a session look like?
·First, we should set up a time to talk via the phone.  That’s your chance to ask me any questions you want and to get a feel if I’m the right therapist for you.  It’s also my chance to get a sense if online therapy is an appropriate choice in your particular circumstance.
·Then, you set up an account and fill out all the traditional paperwork that you would in a traditional, physical office setting.  Once that’s done, schedule an appointment online from your account.
·At our scheduled appointment time, we meet via a video conference (like Skype, but HIPPA compliant).  You tell me your story and I may point out patterns of behavior, help you understand and process your feelings, and then we find ways to manage your challenges.
·Everything moves at your pace.

·I respect and value you as the expert of YOU.
·$60/50 minute session payable online.
·across the state of PA
·outside the US

·(717) 742-0501

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