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Shannon Servos PhD has worked with adolescents, adults, couples and families over the past few years. She has helped couples and families by providing them with the necessary tools to develop conflict resolution skills, to build trust and intimacy and to achieve positive communication in their relationships. Additionally, she has helped adults and adolescents with depression, stress, anxiety, anger, job loss, eating disorders, ADHD and personality disorders. Throughout their therapeutic process, individuals have experienced positive emotional changes both in their lives and within their relationships.

Shannon Servos PhD has practical experience and has conducted extensive research on cognitive behavioral therapy, person- centered therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy. Consequently she believes that the combination of the above approaches provides a number of treatment options that can be customized to fit specific individual needs.

Shannon Servos PhD has completed 12 years post secondary education with four degrees and a certificate focusing on health sciences and psychology. In addition to her experience working in mental health, she has taught at both the highschool and University levels. She has 3 grown children and has been married for over 35 years. Her focus is to provide a positive environment of trust and confidentiality, such that individuals can reach their therapeutic goals.

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