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  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Alcohol/Drug Counselor
  • 311 E. Dickens Avenue, Northlake, Illinois, 60164
  • Phone: 708/562-0656
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  • Session Fees: Multiple insurance plans are accepted, including Employee Assistance Plan (EAP). Please contact me for additional information.

                                    THE STORY OF SHARON J. DEPOWSKI, LCSW, CADC

     Who am I?  I graduated from Loyola University in 1995.  My career has included years of employment in behavioral health settings, ranging from community mental health centers to inpatient behavioral health units.  Along the way I briefly worked in several medical settings, including dialysis and an intensive care unit.  One day I decided that the best part of the job was conducting therapy sessions.  At that time, I made the decision to form my practice, which is Therapeutic Changes, P. C.

     I am aware that it takes a lot of courage for most people to make their initial phone call.  When you do call, you will notice that I am quite welcoming and not at all judgmental.  However, I am well versed in multiple styles of therapy, and will work with you to find the style (s) that best suit your personality and your therapy goals.  I strongly believe that each person is an individual and do not use a "one size fits all" style of therapy.

     My specialties include assisting you through life transitions such as:  divorce, empty nest syndrome, and assisting aging parents.  I have also assisted many couples navigate relationship issues.  As individuals make these positive changes, this will probably result in personal growth.  There may be some tears, but it usually results in a great sense of accomplishment.


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