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I have many experiences in my life that have helped me become an effective therapist. I do not challenge my clients to do anything that I have not done myself. For you to trust me as a therapist, you need to know about me as a person. A good relationship between us is the number one indicator for a successful therapy experience. Here is a little about me.

I grew up in the small town of Martinsburg, West Virginia on the corner of my grandfather's two hundred acre farm. As a child, I played with GI-Joes in the dirt, helped on the farm, and made apple butter on brisk fall mornings. My dad repaired computers for the local school system, and my mom ran a daycare from home so she could raise me and my brother. I learned the value of working hard to accomplish a goal.

After graduating high school, I moved to the Philadelphia area where I attended Eastern University. I decided to major in what I loved, Political Science and History. I valued the relationships I built at college as much as the education.  I became best friends with my college roommate and met my wife the end of my junior year. Academically, I interned for my congresswoman on Capitol Hill and decided that I did not want to pursue a career in politics. I also interned with the Alternate Public Defenders' Office of San Diego County. I discovered that becoming a lawyer was not something I wanted to pursue. I graduated with my Bachelor's Degree in May of 2003.

My wife is an amazing woman, and I am blessed to have her in my life. She has lived in Africa and Mexico and is a teacher. We married after she graduated college in May of 2004. The day after our wedding we drove across the country to move to San Diego. Living in San Diego was an amazing experience for both of us, and I still consider it my adopted home town. Over the past twelve years, we have lived in three different cities in three separate areas of the country, and we just had our fourth child in December of 2015.

While in San Diego, after many months of consideration, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to professionally help individuals, couples, and families. This desire led me to the field of Marriage and Family Therapy. I decided to pursue my Master's Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. While I was in my Master's program, two of our four children were born and we moved across the country. I also held a full-time job while I went to school. This process taught me persistence and endurance. In May of 2011, I graduated.

Seeking a change in climate and culture, we decided to move to Florida in January of 2012. It has been one of the best decisions of our lives. We love living in Lake Mary and are excited about all of the opportunities it offers our family. Due to a desire to practice therapy in my own way, rather than under the structure of an agency, I decided to open my own practice once we arrived in Florida.

I enjoy thinking outside the box and use unconventional techniques to create lasting change. In addition to life experience and my Master's Degree, I have sought to gain further training and accreditation in my field. I am specifically trained in Hypnosis, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Core Communication, Prepare/Enrich Premarital, and working with families and marriages.  I also enjoy working with adolescents. I am a Clinical Fellow with the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with the State of Florida (License Number MT 3056), and a Certified Hypnotherapist.

I know that finding a therapist can be like finding a needle in a haystack. You want to make sure you get the decision right. In your journey to find a therapist, please give ample consideration to the quality of relationship you are able to develop with him/her. It will be the single biggest indicator of your success with a therapist. For my part, I promise to always be candid and disclose things about myself when necessary or helpful. I am excited to work with you!

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