Sheila Brown, MA, MHC-LP

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I am a mental health counselor who believes that by changing the way we we think about and perceive events we can lead a healthier and more satisfying life.  Life isn't perfect, and definitely isn't fair!  Let me help you find ways of coping with the muck that life often slings at us.  I am nonjudgmental and compassionate, and when appropriate bring a sense of humor to the counseling session.  Acknowledging that you are the expert on your own life, I work in collaboration with you to work on the issues that you would like to specifically target.  
I have earned a Masters degree in Applied Psychology from NYU, and a Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling from CUNY.  I have over twenty years of experience in the field of mental health, working with a variety of populations including individuals with intellectual disability, individuals with mental illness and the elderly.  I have worked with and treated individuals with issues surrounding sexuality, and issues surrounding nontraditional relationships (e.g.  polyamory), in addition to adjustment issues, anxiety and depression.  

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