Sheila Porter, MA, NCC, EMDR Trained

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  • Registered Professional Counselor
  • 2 Oakwood Park Plaza, Ste 103B, Castle Rock, Colorado, 80104
  • Phone: 303-900-8252
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  • Session Fees: Fees are $145 for a 50 minute session for individuals and $160 for a 50 minute session for couples

Do you feel like all that you are bearing on the inside is too much?

Is your relationship strained?

Do you long for more peace and contentment?

Therapist, Sheila Porter MA, LPCC, is passionate about working with couples and individuals that struggle with these and other life issues to experience healing and freedom.



Sheila holds a high value for making all of her clients feel seen, heard, and understood, while creating a space that is safe and accepting. It is within this optimum context that she curtails therapy to each client’s individual needs.

Sheila areas of specialization are the following: 

·      Low Self-Esteem
·      Trauma-EMDR Therapy
·      Couples Therapy
·      Anxiety- General, Panic Attacks, and Phobias

Additionally, Sheila regularly works with clients dealing with:

·      Relationship/Family Issues
·     Depression
·      Divorce Recovery
·      Abuse Recovery  


Sheila believes that the “symptoms” we are experiencing are the way that our internal pain is “coming out”. We often want to bury and ignore what we feel, but unfortunately this does not work in the long run. It is going to express itself in some way. 

It is here at the root of our internal experience that Sheila likes to work. This means letting ourselves listen to what our body, emotions, and thoughts are telling us. Whether we realize it or not our internal pain is being expressed. As we tune and listen, we give ourselves the opportunity to heal from those things that hurt. Sheila will be your guide through this journey. She will also join you on your path, as she believes that one of our deepest needs as people is that we are are seen, heard, and felt. As you allow yourself to go to those tender places and let someone safe and empathetic to accept and validate you in them, you can heal and find relief from your symptoms.

Taking Your First Step

You are here, because you recognize a need you have. You don't have to figure it out alone. I will take this path with you to help you find your way. I have taken this path before with many others, so I know the way. Call me today and we can get started. 

About Sheila 

Her passion for counseling initially began while volunteering on Mercy Ships, a relief and aid ministry working throughout the world. It was here that she noticed how the internal pain of others seemed to keep them living in freedom of who they were meant to be.

She later pursued her Masters in Counseling from Denver Seminary and concentrates in helping people work at the “root” level of their issues to bring restoration to the deeper areas of their sense of self and their ways of relating to others.

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