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After completing my doctoral work in Washington, D.C., I came to New York City to work as a psychologist.  I soon moved to Long Island, and I have been practicing on Long Island since 1984.  
I have always had a general psychotherapy practice, treating children, adolescents and adults, and working with individuals, couples and families.  However, over the years, I have pursued extensive postdoctoral training and have developed a variety of areas of expertise.
I completed postdoctoral training in child and adolescent psychotherapy in 1989, and that enhanced my work with children and their parents.  It also contributed to my interest in helping families not only through my work as a psychotherapist, but also through developing self-help books for children and their parents.  I've written a variety of children's picture books and parents' guides.  These include books pertaining to proactive parenting and reward programs ("Sara Makes Her Mother Proud and Learns Good Behavior", a children's book and a parents' guide); help for children who are frightened to be left alone at bedtime ("Goodbye to Bedtime Fears", a children's book and a parents' guide); help for children who have encopresis (soiling) ("No More Poops in My Pants", a children's book that includes a parents' guide); and help for teens and their parents who are trying to deal with adolescent issues related to divorce ("Parenting Time With a Teenager: When the Parent Wants the Time and the Teen Does Not").

I've always been interested in issues pertaining to romance and relationships.  My masters thesis involved two research projects related to aspects of romance and love.  Viewing the dating world on Long Island in the 90s, through my experience as a therapist, I was inspired to write "Single on Long Island: Meeting the Other Singles and Finding The One".
My interest in romantic relationships also fueled my interest in becoming a sex therapist.  With continued advanced training, I became certified as a sex therapist by AASECT, the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists.

Oddly enough, a marriage therapist can benefit enormously from understanding the mechanics of divorce, and while I do not practice divorce mediation, I do have training in divorce mediation through the Ackerman Institute in New York City.
I pursued advanced training in the treatment of OCD through the International OCD Foundation, and have expertise in addressing OCD both in children and in adults.
Related to my work as a psychotherapist, I have also worked as a therapeutic placement consultant, helping families find residential programs to help their children, teens and young adults.  This work has involved my touring over 500 schools and programs throughout the country, and, in so doing, I have learned a great deal about the issues related to the treatment of individuals with very serious and complicated psychiatric problems.
I am married, and I have two grown children.
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