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My undergraduate work was at Smith College and Oberlin College; and I earned my Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the Catholic University of America (in Washington, D.C.).  My serious interest in relationships began as early as the 1970s, as I did research on dating and romantic relationships during graduate school.
I came to New York in 1978 and have been in New York ever since.  My professional private practice started in Brooklyn, but soon moved to Long Island; and I have been practicing in the Plainview area since 1985.
I have always had a general psychology practice, but I do have expertise in working with children and adolescents, in addition to work with adults. In 1989, I earned a postdoctoral diploma in child and adolescent therapy from Adelphi University.
Other areas of expertise include sex therapy (I am certified as a sex therapist by AASECT, the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists) and the treatment of OCD (I have training through the International OCD Foundation.)
Oddly enough, these days, a marriage therapist can also benefit from understanding the mechanics of divorce, and while I do not practice divorce mediation, I do have training in divorce mediation through the Ackerman Institute in New York City.
I am married, and I have two grown children.
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