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My approach focuses on the client being the expert of his or her own life, and having the resources to make personal changes. I provide the safe place for open dialogue and exploration for the client to find her internal resources. I serve both as a sounding board and as a "brainstormer" to help come up with creative ideas and strategies for change and relief.

I especially enjoy working with couples at any stage of relationship.

The first thing I focus on in your first session is to ease any discomfort of being in "therapy" and to assure a good connection. I am prone to the use of humor! But I always take my clients seriously. I have described the therapy I do with clients as a heartfelt conversation leading to more satisfaction in relationships.

I welcome potential clients to come in on a one time basis, with or without their partner, to see if we are a good fit. After that, I recommend weekly sessions to get some good momentum, but am very flexible as to what scheduling my client prefers.

When I meet people at a networking event or similar situation, I tell them that as an Artist, Life Coach and Marriage & Family Therapist, I practice art in more ways than one! You can be sure I will bring my creativity to your unique situation to help you resolve the challenges you are facing. You will walk out of my therapy office with a customized action step to turn things around.

(Check out the FAQ on my website , and see if there are any questions you have that are not covered - I would love to hear your feedback!)

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