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  • Licensed Professional Counselor, Pastoral Psychotherapist
  • 3100 Lorna Road, Suite 308, Birmingham, Alabama, 35216
  • Phone: (205) 907-6888
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  • Session Fees: $95 - $225
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ReCreation Care and Counseling




      * A number of years ago, when I was hurting, I turned to a Pastoral Counselor. He walked beside me through my pain, helping me find hope again. He listened, cared, and offered alternatives in sharing my journey.

      * Now I have the privilege of offering a listening heart to others who seek healing and hope for beginning life anew – at any age, on any day, at any place, in life's journey.

      * I integrate the insights of spiritual wisdom and the insights of mental health disciplines with each person whom I serve.

      * While my own spirituality and faith are important to me, I do not impose them on others. I offer a place where each person can find wholeness in a compassionate, nonjudgmental relationship.

        * I would love the opportunity to hear your story. The invitation to participate in the next chapter of your life is a gift - to walk with you as you explore the innermost places of your heart and relationships. I consider it a privilege to be with you in the "ReCreation" of a new day in your life.


                                                             Areas of Practice





Personal Relationships

Conflict Resolution


Communication Skills


Premarital Counseling

Self Esteem

Blended Families


Extended Family

Self Identity

Adult Children

Grief and Loss

Partner Roles

Life Transitions

Situational Changes


                                                             Style of  Counseling

        * The most important element in your search for a counselor is that of being a person with whom you can connect and whom you trust. The relationship of connection and trust is the foundation upon which you will build. In this kind of relationship, I serve people's emotional, relational, spiritual, and mental needs in facing the realities of life. It is my goal to meet every person where they are and walk with them through the process of finding what they need for healing, wholeness, and growth.

        * I believe that the answers for which you search lie within you. My job is to help you find those answers. Along the way, I listen for clues and themes, offering them for you to consider. The themes may come from past life circumstances, current situations, and hopes you have for the future. If there are practices or perspectives that may be helpful, I offer them. Together we explore these facets of who you are now, to help you find the meaningful life you want.


Education             ·  Bachelor of Arts – Sociology East Texas Baptist College

                                  ·  Master of Divinity - The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

                                  · Doctor of Ministry - Columbia Theological Seminary


Training                 ·  Pastoral Counseling Residency – Baptist Medical Centers (BMC), Birmingham, Alabama

                                   ·  Pastoral Counseling Fellowship – BMC, Birmingham, AL

>  Ordination            ·  Crescent Hill Baptist Church, Louisville, Kentucky


>  Certification         ·  Association for Clinical Pastoral Education Psychotherapist

                                   ·  National Board of Certified Counselors

                                   ·  CISM, Basic and Advanced Training

                                   ·  Intentional Interim Ministry for Congregations


>  Licensure             ·  Licensed Professional Counselor – State of Alabama


>  Experience          ·  Staff Pastoral Counselor –  BMC, Birmingham, Alabama

                                 ·  Executive Director BMC/Samaritan Counseling Center, Birmingham, AL

                                 ·  Grief Counselor and Group Leader – Community Grief Support, Birmingham, AL

                                 ·  Pastoral Consultant – Samford University

                                 ·  EAP Counselor/CISD Provider – American Behavioral Health

>  Currently              ·  Recreation Care and Counseling – Birmingham, AL

                                       Solo Practice: Pastoral Counselor

                                                              Pastoral Care Consultant                                                                                                                               


Payment methods: 

      ·         Cash

      ·         Check

                (Note: I do not work with insurance or provide information for insurance.)









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