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Somatic Psychotherapy for Women
Shohreh Schmuecker, LMFT is a Somatic Psychotherapist offering online therapy for Women in all stages of life. 
I have experience helping women:
  • address and manage anxiety
  • form and maintain healthy boundaries
  • gain support with parenting
  • explore and counter negative self-talk
  • understand and process feelings around life changes
  • navigating racial, cultural, spiritual, and/or religious identity,
  • gain tools such as mindfulness and self-soothing strategies
  • seeking personal growth
  • understanding patterns, habits and behaviors
  • and navigate relationships with yourself and others.

My approach utilizes:
  • Somatic Psychology - Somatic Psychotherapy is therapy that focuses on the mind-body connection. In addition to traditional talk therapy, Somatic Psychotherapy incorporates tracking your body sensations, movements, emotions, energy and/or feelings as they come up during session. This is often called your "felt sense".

  • PsychodynamicIn addition to working to overcome the specific difficulties you're dealing with now, we'll also look at what's going on beneath the surface, and how patterns and expectations developed in the past may be influencing your current relationships.

  • Focusing on the "here-and now"- In session, I use mindfulness, awareness, meditations, movement, and/or body tracking to bring you into the present moment as appropriate. 

  • Trauma Informed- I have experience working with clients who have experienced trauma and/or anxiety.  I support clients in feeling grounded and help find tools and resources that they can use inside and outside of session.  I hold the neuroscience perspective of the mind body connection and use that to inform clients.

  • Cultural/Racial/Spiritual/Religious - My intention is to be mindful of the values and perspectives that you bring. I believe that therapy is relational and everyone is unique. I am not tied to a particular ideology or formula in session that doesn’t serve you.

Practice Information:
  • Online Therapy-  I offer HIPAA Compliant Telehealth secure video through Simple Practice that offers easier access to care.  If using a PC for sessions, you do not have to download any apps.  I am licensed in California and can see clients that reside in California.

  • Online Scheduling- To book a free 15 minute initial consultation via phone, please visit my website www.therapywithshohreh/contact and click "Request Appointment" to see available times.

My view on therapy:
  I am an advocate of therapy and self-care and I have seen the positive impact this can have throughout one’s life, including my own. I believe that being witnessed, understood and seen with kindness and compassion can be very healing and powerful. We all need support in life, therapy is a great way to get that help and further strengthen the support you already have.  I look forward to speaking with you, so you can get a sense of the work that we can do together.

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