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Located in the peaceful serenity of Tucson, Arizona, Sierra
Tucson is an exemplary provider of top notch residential treatment that has
transformed the lives of countless men and women since first opening its doors
in 1983. With dual licensure and accreditation as both a special hospital and
residential treatment center, this center supplies all-encompassing care that can
truly heal a person suffering from the effects of trauma, battling the grips of
addiction, grappling with symptoms of mental health and/or an eating disorder, or
struggling with complex pain. In choosing to come to Sierra Tucson to become
well again, men and women alike can receive the interventions and support they
need to live healthier lives for the long-term.

Additionally, Sierra Tucson offers multifaceted services thatincorporate care from various healing disciplines. Medical services,
psychological interventions, nutritional support, trauma-focused care,
alternative healing practices, integrative therapies like acupuncture and
massage therapy, and traditional therapeutic methods like individual and group
therapy round out the services that can be received at this center. Furthermore,
each person who partakes in programming enjoys a truly personalized experience,
as the interventions included in every individual's treatment plan are fully
customized to address the unique needs and goals that require care. By making
each person's time at Sierra Tucson special in this way, the most favorable
treatment outcomes are likely to result.

At the time of admission, participants are recommended toengage in one of this center's life-changing programs. An addictions and
co-occurring disorders program, a pain recovery program, an eating recovery
program, a trauma recovery program, and a mood and anxiety program are
available. Each program offers specialized treatment that can drastically
improve every person's life. Also, Sierra Tucson has an onsite hospital called
Desert Flower that can offer men and women medical and additional psychiatric
services when needed.

Furthermore, all who select this center as the place torecover will be able to heal in mind, body, and spirit and enjoy ongoing
support for one full year after completing residential services. These
beneficial aspects of coming to and completing Sierra Tucson's services are
what have made this center one that is a cut above the rest. Via an easily
accessible recovery coach, support team, and Connect365, a secure interactive
online platform that helps participants hold true to their recovery goals, men
and women can successfully remain on the path towards the life they deserve
with the ongoing encouragement they need.

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