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I work with people who recognize that habitual ways of behaving, thinking and believing no longer serve them or those they love. My orientation is to help you recognize, accept and work with deep unconscious patterns set into motion from past traumas and current life experiences which no longer serve you. This way of working together provides an opportunity to navigate the world differently and opens up new possibilities for health and healing.  

Patterns are universal in nature, they can be both healthy and unhealthy as well as provide the blueprint for how to live a life in harmony with oneself, others and one’s own destiny. They reveal how humanity has traversed the experience of being human from birth to death. The mandates of each stage of life are encoded in sacred stories, myths, fairy tales, dreams and images.  

Whether dealing with trauma experienced in the past or in the present, changes in life circumstances, or transitions from one stage or life to another, the possibility for moving through life with more grace, freedom and ease is available to each person. Change and choice can occur with awareness, insight, action and the perseverance to stay with the task at hand.  

My work is to help you discern the patterns which hold you back, find ways to interrupt their hold on your life and help you align to a more positive and life enhancing pattern. I do so by holding a judgement free environment, using a variety of approaches, and listening closely to what your stories, dreams and images reveal about where you are now and what your future might look like.

  • GLBTQ issues
  • Life Transitions
  • Mentoring
  • Coaching
  • Consulting
  • I do not take insurance.

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