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Located in Chico, California, Skyway House Treatment and Detox Center provides a warm and nurturing atmosphere in which adult men and women can receive comprehensive therapeutic services to help them end their dependence upon alcohol and other drugs.

Skyway House is also prepared to provide effective treatment for individuals whose primary diagnosis of a substance use disorder is accompanied by an anxiety disorder, depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, or certain other co-occurring mental health challenges.
At Skyway House, the goal is far more than alleviating symptoms or providing a temporary respite from the ravages of compulsive substance abuse. Instead, men and women who heal at Skyway House receive intensive personalized services that allow them to identify, address, and overcome all of the issues that have contributed to or been exacerbated by their addiction.
For men and women who have been incapable of ridding their bodies of alcohol or other addictive substances prior to starting treatment, Skyway House provides on-site medically monitored detoxification, or detox. Under the care of experienced professionals, detox participants can complete the withdrawal process with maximum safety and minimal discomfort. Depending upon the nature and severity of their addiction, detox participants may receive therapeutic support as well as medication management services to ease distress and prepare them to fully engage in residential programming.

Once a person has successfully completed detox, he or she can transition directly into residential care. Men and women who participate in residential care will live and work in one of two locations: Skyway House or Serenity House. Both locations are co-educational centers that feature a family-style living environment and round-the-clock care and supervision.
Residential treatment at Skyway House Treatment and Detox Center is an active holistic experience that is designed to promote physical, mental, and spiritual growth. All participants are encouraged to work in close collaboration with the members of their treatment team and to take ownership over their own recovery.
All care at Skyway House Treatment and Detox Center is personalized according to each participant’s specific strengths, needs, and treatment goals. Depending upon those factors, a person’s time at Skyway House will likely feature a combination of individual, group, and experiential therapy. Participants will also be introduced to the practices and principles of the 12-Step recovery model, and will have the opportunity to attend Alcoholic Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), and Celebrating Recovery (a faith-based recovery support organization) meetings while in treatment.
Following the completion of their treatment at Skyway House Treatment and Detox Center, all participants will receive thorough discharge plans to guide the post-residential phases of their recovery journey.
Skyway House Treatment and Detox Center is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) and is licensed by the state of California.

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