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South Portland Comprehensive Treatment Center (CTC) serves adults age 18 and older who are in need of treatment for opioid addiction. Our outpatient addiction treatment center provides premier addiction treatment services in South Portland, Maine. South Portland CTC offers medication-assisted treatment (MAT), which combines the use of prescription medications with group and individual counseling services.
South Portland CTC works to empower every client by providing education, skills, and medical support for overcoming opioid addiction. Treatment at our facility begins with a detailed evaluation. Clients are asked to share their mental health and medical history and answer questions about their opioid use, including length and frequency of use and types of opioids used. Our compassionate staff works to provide a welcoming, judgment-free environment during evaluation. Clients are encouraged to share openly about their substance use so that we can develop a treatment plan that best serves their needs. Based on assessment results, our team creates an individualized plan.
Clients at South Portland CTC are assigned an individual counselor and a therapy group. Length of treatment and frequency of sessions are determined according to the information given during their evaluation. Research from leading organizations like the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) shows that medication-assisted treatment helps significantly increase positive recovery outcomes. The medications used in MAT give a client several advantages that are not available through other methods of opioid addiction treatment. MAT medications can alleviate opioid withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings. MAT at South Portland CTC may involve the use of methadone or Suboxone. The specific medication prescribed will depend on various factors, including health history, recovery goals, and client input. Our physicians carefully monitor clients who are taking part in MAT and adjust the dosage and medication as needed.
Treatment at South Portland CTC can be a life-changing experience. When clients are empowered through skills training, they can heal mentally and emotionally, improve relationships, and make advances at work or in school. Our group and individual counseling sessions provide clients with information on how addiction works. Clients can practice communication skills, build a community of peers, and set goals for their lives in recovery. Just as opioid addiction can harm all aspects of an individual’s life, effective opioid addiction treatment can bring benefits to all aspects of life. At South Portland CTC, our goal is to give clients the tools they need to leave opioid addiction behind and build well-rounded, fulfilling lives.

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