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At Southcoast’s 120-bed facility, adult men and women can receive treatment for a variety of mental health concerns in an environment founded upon a commitment to dignity and compassion.

Patients at Southcoast benefit from the latest in research-backed interventions coupled with time-tested therapies that are designed to produce the most favorable treatment outcomes possible. While treatment planning is a completely individualized process at Southcoast and patients arrive with diverse types of concerns, following is a list of psychiatric conditions that Southcoast patients frequently seek treatment for:

·         Depression

·         Anxiety

·         Bipolar disorder

·         Posttraumatic stress disorder

·         Aggression

·         Conduct Disorder

·         Intermittent explosive disorder

·         Self-harm

·         Adjustment disorder

·         Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

·         Delirium

·         Brief psychotic disorder

·         Delusional disorder

·         Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)

·         Schizoaffective disorder

·         Schizophrenia

·         Suicidal ideation

Treatment at Southcoast is provided in the residential setting, meaning that patients are supplied with 24/7 support and supervision during their stay. During this time, they can leave behind the pressures of daily life and instead focus their energy and efforts on recovery.

When a person arrives at Southcoast, he or she will be evaluated by the admissions team, and an individualized treatment plan will be created, and each patient will have access to a staff of dedicated, experienced mental health professionals including:

·         Board-certified psychiatrist

·         Licensed clinical social workers

·         Registered nurses,

·         Recreational therapists

·         Mental health technicians

Together, these staff members will monitor each patient’s health and well-being and help him or her set goals for treatment. As a person gains strength, he or she will have many opportunities to participate in a variety of therapeutic experiences at Southcoast such as:

·         Individual therapy

·         Family therapy

·         Process groups

·         Didactic groups

·         Medication management services

A typical stay at Southcoast Behavioral Health lasts 5-7 days, and during this time patients can become stabilized in a comfortable setting, surrounded by support. Programming at Southcoast is based upon the belief that a patient’s family can be an invaluable asset to his or her recovery, and therefore families are invited to work closely with Southcoast staff during a patient’s stay.

In providing a safe and tranquil setting in which to work towards managing painful symptoms of mental health concerns, Southcoast Behavioral Health provides an invaluable resource to patients and families.

From the moment a person is admitted to Southcoast, the staff will prioritize comprehensive discharge planning so that the patient has a clear plan for continued success upon his or her departure. Southcoast will collaborate with the individual’s support network (i.e. family members and friends), doctors, therapists, and other community agencies that can help play a role in effective aftercare.

With help from Southcoast, men and women can return to their homes and communities with a brighter outlook toward the path to recovery.

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