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Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Southwood Psychiatric Hospital is the premier choice for children, adolescents, and young adults who are struggling with mental health challenges. With extensive care options, expert staff members who have a diverse range of experience and knowledge, and a passion for helping young people achieve healing, there’s no better place for your loved one to start receiving necessary treatment.
Our programs span several different levels of care and clinical approaches. Our inpatient treatment center is designed specifically for children and adolescents ages 4-18 who are suffering from significant mental health challenges. This program is intended to be a short-term stabilization center where your child can receive intensive therapies, 24/7 medical observation, and the support they need to recover from severe symptoms. After completing an inpatient stay, most children and teens move on to a lower level of care, such as a residential program or outpatient services.
In addition to our inpatient program, Southwood Psychiatric Hospital has a residential treatment center catered toward children and adolescents who have intellectual developmental disabilities or autism spectrum disorder. An all-male facility, this program was designed for people between the ages of 6 and 21. This program focuses on providing child-centered services in the least restrictive and intrusive way possible and strives to incorporate the family into treatment. Treatments include applied behavioral analysis, cognitive behavioral therapy, and community-based services.
Next, our CHOICES program is a residential treatment center for males ages 10-21 who have a history of inappropriate sexual behaviors alongside mental illness. This program focuses on evidence-based methods of behavioral change, with unique therapies and treatments that can help these young men achieve stability and well-being. This program is highly structured, with a five-phase treatment program designed to stop problematic behaviors in their tracks and help each patient cope with mental health challenges.
Lastly, our family-based mental health program is designed to help families who have emotional, cognitive, and behavioral concerns for all children and adolescents up to 18 years old. This program is designed for at-risk young people who have recently been discharged from a higher level of care. This program includes round-the-clock access to clinicians and behavioral health workers who can provide crisis stabilization, family support, and case management for youths and their families. The goals for this last program are to produce stability and well-being for the entire family unit. Your child will need to complete a detailed psychological evaluation, receive a recommendation for this service, or get a prescription letter from a physician to be eligible for these services. When our team receives this information, we can start delivering care quickly.
No matter the mental health needs of your child or adolescent, Southwood Psychiatric Hospital is here to help. We understand how difficult it can be to deal with these challenges as a family, and our experts are trained to ensure that your child gets the best individualized treatment while maintaining their dignity. When you or your child is ready to start receiving care, contact our team to learn more about the programs we offer."

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