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      2999 NE 191 Street, suite 703
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For more than 25 years I have been helping individuals, couples and business partners create relationships that work better and bring new, creative solutions to their lives.
I help couples struggling with Infidelity and the aftermath of an Affair to rebuild their trust again.
I have been helping men and women overcome Anger, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Compulsive Behaviors, Alcohol and Substance Abuse and Sexual Problems.
 I have helped literally hundreds of people create better, more satisfying lives.

Conflict can arise in all relationships and sustaining love and happiness within your relationship can be a challenge. I can help you and your partner find new ways to develop the relationship you both want.

Couple counseling is about each partner taking personal responsibility for their own behavior. Couples often form dysfunctional patterns of relating to each other. This can cause them to get locked into a sort of repetition loop where they keep getting into the same type of downward spiral (arguments) over and over again. They become conditioned by this and that becomes their norm. I help couples to unpack or break these patterns or bad habits, create better ones and form a more satisfying relationship

I help couples and troubled relationships navigate issues such as infidelity, challenges with parenting and family, addictions, communication issues and breaches of trust. Many believe that a marriage ends after an affair; often relationships can rebuild and become stronger once an affair is acknowledged and worked through.

My style is focused and collaborative, helping clients balance their high stress lives and high performance expectations with the needs of family, friends and self.

I started my career as a teacher and spent a number of years working with kids of all ages. From teaching I entered the corporate world, working with large companies and learning their methods of operation. I then became an entrepreneur and began building my own businesses. I created and grew three companies over a 20-year period and learned firsthand what it takes to deal with the enormous stress of maintaining high performance, good leadership and being your own boss.

After several years of self-exploration in psychotherapy, I realized how my own experiences could guide me in helping others. I became a psychotherapist and life coach while continuing my interest in the business community.

I was trained at Yeshiva University Graduate School in New York City, and did my internship at the Greenwich Institute for psychodynamic psychotherapy located in Greenwich Village in New York City and the New York State Psychiatric Institute, located in Washington Heights.

My professional training, assocations memberships and credentials include:

  •     Post graduate institute training in individual and marital therapy at the Institute for Marriage and Family Therapy in New York City.
  •     Post Graduate training in couple therapy with The Couples Institute, Menlo Park, California.
  •     Certification in hypnosis (member of FSCH, Florida Society of Clinical Hypnosis)
  •     Level two training in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)
  •     Professional member of ADAA (Anxiety Disorders Association of America)
  •     Board Certification in Clinical Sexology (Diplomate of the American Board of Sexology)
  •     SAP (Substance Abuse Professional)
  •     Training in employee assistance work for many large companies; and other types of workshops and trainings related to my profession.

In addition to my psychotherapy and coaching practice I offer seminars and workshops on stress management, relationship building, and improving communication skills for couples and business partners.

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