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Starlite Recovery Center is a leading addiction treatment center serving the greater San Antonio and Austin areas. Located in Center Point, Texas, our ranch-style treatment center occupies a 55-acre estate in the beautiful scenic landscape of Texas hill country. We provide behavioral health treatment for adults age 18 and older. 
Starlite Recovery Center has been helping clients achieve lasting recovery for decades through individualized treatment plans that address the spiritual, emotional, physical, and cultural components of recovery. Starlite Recovery Center houses several addiction treatment programs. We serve as both a residential treatment center and an intensive outpatient treatment center. Our inpatient treatment center also offers specialized programs to best meet the unique needs of our clients. These include an LGBTQ+ program, a Christian program, and a program serving service members and veterans. Our family program provides education and involvement for the family members of clients. Specialized programs like these are highly beneficial for addressing unique factors that have contributed to an individual’s substance use.
Our LGBTQ+ Freedom Program serves lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, gender-queer, intersex, and asexual individuals. We understand that LGBTQ+ individuals often face complex challenges. We provide healing and support for these clients for matters like identity conflict, rejection and loss, and discrimination. Research shows that addiction treatment for LGBTQ+ clients can be more effective when offered in an environment of peer understanding and support under a program curriculum tailored to address these specific concerns.
Our Christian Journey Program provides clients with a faith-based treatment program. Clients are assigned a Christian counselor, and our curriculum provides an understanding of addiction from a Christian perspective. In addition to other therapy methods, our nondenominational Christian program is supplemented with Bible study, chaplain meetings, and Celebrate Recovery meetings.
Our Operation Liberty Program is designed to address addiction treatment through the lens of the experiences of veterans and service members. Members of the military often encounter deeply traumatizing experiences in the line of duty. A common outcome is the development of mental health disorders and substance use. We offer a curriculum tailored to the unique experiences of service members to address the root causes of addiction and best support a strong recovery foundation.
All programs at Starlite Recovery Center use evidence-based practices in combination with experiential therapies. Clients receive a combination of medically supervised detox, medication-assisted treatment (MAT), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), individual and group therapy, and 12-Step meetings. Clients benefit from life skills classes, a ropes course, equine-assisted therapy, an on-site personal trainer, a workout facility, a swimming pool, a mini golf course, yoga classes, acupuncture, wilderness outings, and nature trails.
Starlite Recovery Center is a premier addiction and mental health treatment center that helps clients achieve lasting positive results. Our treatment philosophy views addiction as a disease affecting the whole person, and effective treatment requires addressing the mind, body, and spirit. The mission of Starlite Recovery Center is to help clients gain the understanding, healing, and growth necessary to build vibrant lives in recovery.
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