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I consider treating a child to be a sacred responsibility and trust.  My practice is totally devoted to treating children and adolescents with behavior problems.  Attention Deficit Disorders, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Autistic Spectrum, BiPolar, and School Underachievement are my specialties.  Social skills, parenting issues, and sibling rivalry are additional areas of focus. Another aspect of my services is to consult with the school to assure the child's best interests are being served. This is done at no charge and only with parental permission.   If a parent is considering medication for their child I am able to advise the parent about the benefits and risks of the medication for their specific child.

I have developed innovative  child and teen friendly approaches to treat children, many of whom have had past treatment failures.  The compelling nature of my approach  gets kids to open up and honestly discuss their problems.
Many of my clients have had unsuccessful therapy in the past because it did not engage or motivate the child. I use exciting and humorous techniques that appeal to even the most defensive child and alienated adolescent. These methods vastly improve the chances for a successful outcome.     I instill the beliefs, values, and work ethic to overcome the child's deficits and succeed.   The latest research indicates that competency, self-control, and resilience are crucial to developing genuine self-esteem as opposed to self-esteem based on social approval and popularity.  If children develop a sense of self satisfaction they are not vulnerable to peer pressure. 
I always include parents in all sessions so they can provide feedback, learn new parenting skills, and better understand their child's needs. Being present in the sessions enables parents to reinforce the lessons learned in therapy and evaluate the effectiveness of the therapy.  Parents are often reassured to know that I have taught continuing education courses to thousands of therapists, counselors, and teachers on treating difficult childhood behavior problems.  I f you would like to read reviews go to   

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