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Located in Detroit, Michigan, StoneCrest Center is a leading provider of person-centered care in the residential setting. With separate, age-specific treatment tracks available, this center’s programming is designed to ensure that each patient’s experience is tailored to his or her unique goals for recovery. In addition to specialty age-specific tracks, StoneCrest is pleased to extend services to individuals who are experiencing co-occurring substance abuse concerns and/or developmental disabilities.

When a person is admitted to StoneCrest Center, he or she will receive a thorough evaluation so that the treatment team can begin creating an individualized plan of care. As no two patients are alike, each person’s experience at StoneCrest Center will differ slightly, yet all will receive the same access to a wide range of therapeutic experiences and extensive supports.

StoneCrest Center is equipped to treat many types of psychiatric illnesses and developmental disabilities, and patients who seek to heal at StoneCrest often have been diagnosed with one or more of the following conditions:

·         Depression

·         Anxiety

·         Bipolar disorder

·         Autism spectrum disorder

·         Developmental disorders

·         Intermittent explosive disorder

·         Psychosis

·         Schizoaffective disorder

·         Self-harm

·         Alzheimer’s

·         Dementia

·         Intellectual disabilities

·         Posttraumatic stress disorder

·         Schizophrenia

·         Sensory processing disorder

·         Suicidal ideation

As stated above, StoneCrest offers specialized programming that reflects the needs of certain age groups. StoneCrest’s youth-specific track is called The Foundations Program, and is meant to help young people whose lives have been impacted by the onset of a mental health concern. The Foundations Program works in harmony with patients’ families, and focuses on the skills needed to allow the youth to successfully reintegrate back into their homes, schools, and communities.

Senior adults also have unique needs in the treatment setting, and StoneCrest is able to support this age group through The Generations Program. In this program, older adults will have access to both the medical and psychiatric care that geriatric patients need to find success in recovery. This short-term inpatient program is designed for adults ages 55 and older to learn healthier means of coping with emotional problems and managing chronic illnesses or other mental health concerns that have been impacting their quality of life.

Regardless of age, all patients who seek to heal at StoneCrest Center will have access to a myriad of treatment modalities designed to help them overcome their challenges, meet their goals for recovery, and build a strong foundation for continued success. Most treatment plans will consist of several of the following interventions, along with other unique elements:

·         Expressive therapy (e.g. music, art)

·         Individual therapy

·         Group therapy

·         Family therapy

·         Therapeutic recreation

Individuals who struggle with certain developmental disabilities are welcomed at StoneCrest, a center that is uniquely qualified to treat and serve patients with conditions such as:

·         Developmental delays

·         Sensory processing disorders

·         Cerebral palsy

·         Autism spectrum disorder

·         Mild to severe mental impairments

Within StoneCrest Center’s Inspirations Program, developmentally disabled individuals who are also challenged by a behavioral health concern can find treatment that reflects their multifaceted needs. At StoneCrest, a staff of compassionate, expertly trained professionals will work to ensure that all patients gain the tools and skills they need to function to their greatest potential and achieve the highest quality of life possible.

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