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Designed to offer men and women ages 18 and older with a
tranquil respite in which they can learn healthier ways of living, Structure
House has been a pioneering provider of residential weight loss treatment since
1977. With an understanding that losing weight is far more than just calorie-counting
and exercising, this center supplies all-encompassing care that can help adults
adopt healthier lifestyles and extend their lives in a beneficial way.

Comprised of various methods of care and forms of support,Structure House has been successful in allowing individuals to reach their
weight loss goals and better understand themselves and their relationship with
food. Nutrition specialists, fitness experts, and mental health professionals
work closely with each person at this center so that men and women can become
healthier on a profoundly deeper level. Additionally, Structure House employs a
team of medical professionals who are available to provide medical care if a
participant is also struggling with health concerns like diabetes and other
weight-related health issues at the same time.

Structure House is pleased to offer various programmingoptions to suit the needs of those who entrust this center with their care.
Aside from the traditional residential program, Structure House offers 1, 2, 3,
and 4-week programs, as well as a family support program and an extended stay
program for those who need further support to reach their goals. Furthermore,
this renowned center features alumni services that allow men and women to
continue receiving invaluable encouragement that will enable them to hold true
to their weight loss goals long after leaving Structure House.

It is the mission of Structure House to afford all who comefor treatment with the services and interventions needed to attain a more
satisfying life. By teaching healthy eating and exercising habits that meet
participants where they are at in their weight loss journeys, men and women
alike can achieve long-term success. Lastly, in being armed with the confidence
and skills needed to avoid grappling with weight-related health concerns, those
who receive care at Structure House can ultimately live the lives they have envisioned.
Structure House can offer a pathway to a new way of living, allowing patients
to reclaim the health and happiness they so deserve.

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