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Structure House is a premier weight loss and physical health residential treatment center. As a customized weight management service, we provide our residents with the training necessary to support a healthy relationship with food and their bodies, promoting long-term well-being and healthy weight management. Our weight management and wellness retreat is located on a 12-acre estate in Durham, North Carolina. We are known as one of the nation’s leading residential weight loss programs.
Our treatment center treats adults age 18 and older for weight loss, obesity, binge eating, compulsive overeating, and diabetes. We also offer services related to preparation and aftercare planning for bariatric surgery. Structure House takes a holistic approach to healthy weight management by incorporating a combination of interdisciplinary treatment methods and therapies. Our treatment program is composed of medical support, behavioral health therapy, nutritional guidance, and fitness coaching.
The medical support portion of our inpatient treatment program involves a health assessment, fasting lab tests, and a consultation with an interdisciplinary team of physicians. Clients have access to a cardiologist, neurologist, psychiatric nurse practitioner, orthopedist, and podiatrist. Clients also attend weekly health classes that offer education on topics like understanding lab tests and how metabolism works.
Our behavioral health treatment begins with a behavioral assessment to identify underlying reasons for unhealthy habits and excess weight. Clients work together with counselors to create individualized behavioral health plans. Evidence-based techniques like mindfulness-based eating awareness training (MB-EAT), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) help clients examine their relationship with eating and food and identify new, healthier ways to deal with emotions, stressors, and attitudes toward food. Behavioral health treatment at Structure House involves participation in support groups, which provide community, connection, and the opportunity to reflect on progress and challenges.
Our nutrition guidance services emphasize an evidence-based, nondieting approach to healthy eating. Every Structure House client receives an individualized nutrition plan created by a registered dietitian. Our nutrition approach supports success in areas like stabilizing healthy weight and eating patterns, eating mindfully, using electronic aids to track meals, meal planning and prep, and nutrition and supplements. We teach clients how to plan, prep, shop for, and create healthy, balanced meals at home.
Our fitness approach seeks to help clients build an enjoyable relationship with physical activity. Clients have access to a personal trainer, a fitness center, indoor and outdoor saltwater pools, and fitness classes and lectures. They learn to cultivate a relationship with physical fitness that is mindful, nourishing, enjoyable, balanced, and consistent. The Structure House fitness program helps clients replace punishing or painful exercise habits with those that support well-being and health. Clients are encouraged to explore new, fun fitness practices, like water kickboxing, soft Zumba, and yoga.
The Structure House approach prioritizes structure as the key to successful treatment and long-term weight management. We offer a master schedule of available classes, and clients create a unique, customized daily schedule to match their needs and interests. The Structure House philosophy is that long-term, sustainable weight management can be achieved when the thoughts and behaviors that support unhealthy eating habits are examined and replaced with education and application.

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