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A lovely Irish proverb says: It is in the shelter of each other that people live. Together, we will make
our counseling relationship a safe and warm shelter. I am passionate about the work I do and believe in the healing properties a trusting, therapeutic relationship creates. With a relaxed and nonjudgmental style, I will help you navigate difficult life challenges by teaching you to become more self-compassionate and less self-critical. You
will learn new skills to handle distress and build healthier, more nurturing relationships; you will rediscover disowned parts of yourself and gain access to your own direct experience of the world. I believe every individual possesses the wisdom he or she needs, as well as the innate capacity to love, to connect, and to thrive. I work with adults, couples, and adolescents and I am LGBTQ welcoming. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you and I offer a complimentary phone or office consultation so we can learn more about each other and see if we are a good fit. 


- Couples Counseling
(Trust, Infidelity, Communication, Disconnection)                                          
- Panic and Anxiety 
- Depression/Mood Disorders                                                    
- Trauma
- Addictions/Substance Abuse
- Grief/ Loss/ Illness
- Women's Issues
-Teen Problems
- Self Esteem 
- Relationship/Family Issues
- Career Concerns
- Self-improvement & Growth

The counseling methods I utilize in my work are researched-based and empirically proven to be highly successful.
I have dedicated myself to years of study and training in these methods to gain the expertise and experience necessary to ensure that my client's counseling experience is a rewarding, empowering, and successful one.

My areas of expertise include:

Emotionally Focused Couples Counseling:

I have been traveling the long and winding road of marriage for 40 years and I fully understand the pitfalls and detours of committed relationships. With advanced training in Emotionally Focused Therapy, I am dedicated to helping couples find their way back to each other. I will help you stop the dance of blame, distancing, and mutual hurt. We will focus on the negative cycle that has become your mutual enemy and learn to change the music to a new dance of closeness and connection.

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapies:

Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) and Acceptance and Commitment (ACT) are newer, third-wave therapies born from the union of cognitive therapy and meditative principles. These therapies provide powerful tools that can be successfully applied to depression, anxiety, addictions, rumination, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, and more.  I have practiced mindfulness meditation and Metta (Compassion) meditation for over two decades and can personally attest to its benefits.

Schema Therapy:

Schema Therapy is a form of depth psychology that has shown remarkable results in helping clients change negative, (maladaptive) patterns which they have lived with for a long time, even when other methods and efforts they have tried have been unsuccessful.  

Education and Professional Affiliations:

•M.S., Community Counseling, Mercer University (Honors)
•Licensed Professional Counselors Association of Georgia
•The National Board for Certified Counselors
•The International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (ICEEFT).

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