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  • Psychotherapist
  • 725 River Road Suite 102A, Edgewater, New Jersey, 07020
  • Phone: 201-224-3437, 201-446-4529
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Have you ever felt like Alice tumbling down the dark rabbit hole of your life, only to land in the dizzyingly confusing and often frightening landscape of Wonderland? Can you identify with Alice, swallowing the wrong pill and shrinking to the size of a toadstool in a land of giants? Do you feel small and insignificant among the rest of the world? Are the White Rabbit's hole and the temptation to keep plunging further into darkness tempting you? DO YOU KNOW THERE IS A WAY OUT?
Through a skilled and compassionate approach, I have assisted adults, families, children and teens. My areas of expertise encompass all addictions, depression, and anxiety as well as the unique issues facing children and adolescents in what can often appear to be a frightening and uncaring society.
Underpinning my convictions are more than twenty years of experience in providing counseling to clients. Low self-esteem fester at the heart of numerous psychological issues. I believe no human being deserve to suffer in the silence and isolation born of low self-esteem. Every person possess the resorces to solve his or her problems.

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