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  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
  • 4199 Campus Dr., Suite 550, Irvine, California, 92612
  • Phone: 949-760-7717
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THIS IS YOUR LIFE!! Deciding to seek therapy takes wisdom and courage. Rest assured, with over 30 Years of counseling experience working with Individuals and Couples, I know that therapy can work.  It is possible, through effective counseling,  to bring about powerful changes in your life.  My style of counseling is professional, compassionate, and solution-focused.  I strive to create a warm, non judgmental, and safe therapeutic environment. Goal oriented, I assist by providing you with options and tools necessary to make effective changes in your life.  When put into practice, these tools and new techniques will create the changes that you are looking for. Through the years, I have witnessed significant, positive healing and growth in the lives of my clients. Often, problems in our lives, when embraced, offer opportunity for growth and change.

With 2 graduate level degrees in counseling, I have extensive knowledge and professional training regarding a broad range of issues. Some of the areas of specialty include:

Conflict Resolution Skills                                Career and Life Transitions
RelationshipRebuilding                                   Communication/Intimacy                                                     
Divorce and Separation                                   Marriage and Blended Families
Parenting                                                          Trauma and Abuse
Anxiety and Loneliness                                    Sexuality and GLBT Issues
Self Esteem                                                      Spirituality and Religious Searchings
Grief and Loss                                                  Family Transitions and Elder Care
Depression and Anger                                      Personal Growth/Womens Issues

Through our work together you may expect to:

Understand and work with your strengths and weaknesses

Identify problem behaviors, emotions, and thoughts that prevent you from attaining your goals and being happy

Help clarify problems, and find and apply solutions in the real world

Learn how to effectively change "problem"  behaviors and thoughts

Learn new tools and techniques to communicate your feelings and needs more effectively

Please feel free to visit my website and to email or call me for a free phone consult to see how I might help you with your specific needs.

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