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About Me:
I completed my undergraduate studies at Concordia University with a major in Behavioral Science with a double emphasis in Psychology and Sociology.  My passion for helping others grew during my undergraduate years, and I went on to obtain my doctorate in clinical psychology from Rosemead School of Psychology at Biola University.
After teaching at Concordia University for five years (2008-2013), I became full-time professor for California Baptist University- teaching undergraduate and graduate courses (2013- present; achieving Tenure in 2021).  Please see below for a complete list of courses taught.  I have also worked at Azusa Pacific University's Community Counseling Center and Biola's Counseling Center seeing clients of all ages, and supervising and training pre-doctoral therapists.  I deeply enjoy these opportunities as a professor and supervisor, and I believe these experiences further enrich my clinical work with my clients.  
Therapy Approach:
I am a licensed clinical psychologist (PSY24840).  I have a relational and collaborative approach, and I am sensitive to the delicate and sometimes intimidating process of therapy.  In the safety of an accepting and caring connection, we can address hurdles and assess how to face and overcome those challenges.  I bring myself genuinely into my counseling, and I believe that helps my clients feel known and understood, rather than critiqued or overanalyzed.  Whether you are seeking individual therapy or couples counseling, I am passionate about helping you gain insights into yourself and your relationships with others.
Everyone's process in therapy looks differently.  However, in general, it is important to address current symptoms as well as possible unresolved issues that may be contributing to present stressors.  Depending on your situation, we may need to take steps to help you feel grounded and stable before we can tackle deeper issues such as past relational injuries.  My hope is that therapy will provide healing and fulfillment so that you can find joy in your daily experiences and relationships. 
I provide counseling for teenagers through older adults, from a variety of cultural and religious backgrounds.  Presenting concerns range as well; some clients may enter therapy debilitated from depression, anxiety, or marital stress, and some clients feel relatively satisfied but are seeking personal or spiritual growth.  Sometimes clients are extremely motivated in therapy, and other times they may be ambivalent and resistant to implementing healthy changes at first.  Whatever place you are in, I am committed to meeting you where you are at and working with you to find feasible steps to take together.  Session fee is $225. If you have an insurance that provides out of network coverage, you may be eligible for a partial reimbursement. 
Individual Therapy: 
Although a more detailed list is provided in the specialities section, here are some of the more common specialities~ depression, anxiety, bipolar, relational difficulties, OCD, eating disorders, sexuality, pornography, spiritual growth, identity, self-harm, suicidality.
Couples Therapy:  
Pre-marital~ I work with you both to review major relationship areas (ie., communication, sexual intimacy, finances, etc.), family dynamics, and any other concerns that are brought up.  
Marital~  The general goal is to reduce conflict and increase intimacy.  In the safety of therapy, and with a trained professional as a third party, you each will have the opportunity to learn about yourself in depth, in addition to gaining insights into the complex dynamics of your relationship.  The increasing of knowledge, communication skills, and relational tools can combine to create the intimacy and connection that are so necessary in marriage.

Courses Taught or Currently Teaching:


Introduction to Psychology                                       


Adolescent Development

Child Development

Lifespan Development

Theories of Personality

Abnormal Psychology

Theories of Counseling

Introduction to Research Methods    



Practicum I

Practicum II

Evaluation and Treatment of Compulsive Disorders

HIV and AIDS Counseling

Marriage and Family Therapy Counseling Theory

Advanced Psychopathology

Human Sexuality

Clinical Skills/Professional Development

Domestic Violence

Professional Practice Seminar I

Diversity Issues in Counseling Psychology

Child Abuse/Neglect Diagnosis and Treatment

Pre-Practicum & Practicum I 

Human Growth and Development

            Professional Ethics and Law  
Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me and my passion for therapy. Please feel invited to contact me with any questions! 

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